7 kinds of wood that make the best wooden bed for you

7 kinds of wood that make the best wooden bed for you

Wooden Bed

The Head Monk of Buddhism, Dalai Lama, once said that sound sleep acts as the best kind of meditation.  If you don’t get a comfortable sleep at night, you will feel dizzy and tired all day. To get the best kind of sleep, the bed must be comfortable and fully compatible with the person’s height and weight. The bed is made from different types of wood and other metals depending on the requirement of the person in terms of looks, strength, and comfort. 

The major types of woods that are being used to make bed frames are precisely described below:

1. Mahogany

Mahogany is the most popular wood which is used to make bed frames. Not only is this wood durable and strong it is also very expensive and only used in luxurious homes and offices. People who do not have a great budget for furniture are not usually advised to buy a bed made of rich & pure mahogany as it is not cost-effective.
It is found in the subtropical & tropical forests in the lowlands of south and Central America and the Caribbean.

2. Walnut

Walnut wood is highly famous for its great lovely texture and warm color. Its demand is not due to its display only but it is also the foremost choice for many people due to its enormous strength and durability. Its color is usually chocolaty brown but it varies a little bit due to some lighter or darker shades. Although it is used quite often, its strength and longevity convince many people to invest their money in it. In its textured form, it gives a rustic shade to the furniture which makes it unique among all the woods.It is found in southern Europe, Asia, North America, West Indies, and South America.

3. Oak

Another highly versatile, durable, and multi-colored hardwood is oak. It stands the test of time when it is properly maintained in all kinds of rooms. This wood can be customized as it gets painted very well. Any kind of varnish can easily display the natural grain of the oak. Its unique feature is its tolerance and its ability to customize.
It is found in Asia, North America, North Africa, and Europe.

wood for Best Wooden Oak bed

4. Rosewood

Rosewood is categorized among highly luxurious wood as it is used for building intricate designs in furniture and it is being handled quite delicately. It has an immensely attractive red hue and its texture beats all kinds of words in excellence. Among all its features, it can tolerate a lot of wear and tear. Rosewood is used and found rarely so users are advised to take care while buying it for its authenticity and purity and beware that it has been formed keeping into consideration ethics and sustainability. Its key feature is its suitability for intricate and delicate designs
It is found in Latin America, East Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and West Africa

5. Teak

When good care is being given, teak wood can last many decades. Its hue is golden brown and it has straight grain making it more attractive for use in all kinds of furniture. Its durability is due to its Oil content which makes it resistant to bugs and termites. Its key feature is longevity.
It is found in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and India.

6. Bamboo

Bamboo is grass with no woody material inside it but it is still used as wood in furniture as an alternative to old wood. The importers of bamboo are growing in number day by day. There are almost a thousand species of this grass and all these species have their own unique features. Common among all, it is fast growing as it can grow 40 feet long and 6 inches in diameter within 4 years only. It is also known for its stability but not all types display the same properties. Calcutta bamboo is popular for its high density, stability, and tolerance among all kinds. It is found in India.

7. Satin wood

Sal wood is hardwood timber and has a coarse & resilient grain. Its color is usually lighter as compared to other woods but under prolonged exposure to sunlight, it turns to a darker shade. This wood is found in the forests of the subcontinent of India. Its other name is Shorea Robusta or Shala tree. Its main features are strength, durability, elegance, hardness, water resistance, variety, functionality, and suitability for construction.

Other woods used for making bedframes are white cedar wood which is famous for its low maintenance and high durability; maple, famous for medium maintenance and high durability; satinwood, famous for high maintenance and high durability.

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