Buy cheap Double Bed Frame with Mattress

Double Bed Frame with Mattress

Double Bed Frame with Mattress

Our online store UK Beds Direct provides a Double Bed Frame with a mattress. They are available in different sizes and colors. You may choose any double bed frame with a mattress according to your ease and comfort. These Frames with Mattress are against any allergic reaction. Our mattresses are so designed that they support every contour of your body as they have a molding capacity. 

Such support assists you in your comfortable sleep. Our mattresses are stretchable and have a soft touch. These qualities make it sensitive to heat which ultimately relieves pressure on our body. This mechanism results in maximum comfort to your body. 

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The mattresses we provided are very easy to carry and easy to handle. They are very convenient to use because of their rolled capacity.

We at UK Beds Direct care about your comfort and health. We wish you the best possible sleep, and we offer you a 100-night peaceful sleep on our provided mattresses. You can check our best mattress for up to 100 nights, and if you have any discomfort in your sleep on our bed, you may exchange your mattress with our double mattress, which better suits you.

While purchasing a new mattress, you need to have a bed frame to place this soft mattress. A double-size bed frame is best suitable for it. Most importantly, when you think about your sleep quality, a bed frame is essential. The selection of a reasonable bed frame and good size memory mattress is a strong foundation as it provides careful support while you sleep. For this purpose double beds frame, you are requested to read more about our double-size bed frames.     


Please read the full article for details regarding full-size bed frames and their usage details. This bed frame has its durability, but at the same time, it is elegant and luxurious with its upholstered style.
If you want to purchase a Double Bed Frame with mattresses, click on the link.

The reasons which lead you to love beds platform more

Steel is the main structural feature in contrast to velvet upholstered fabric. This bed frame is without a box spring and weighs about 650 to 700 pounds. It has long-lasting and resilient slats of wood that support your mattress. Each bed frame part can be collected or packed into a single box. If you want to purchase a Double Bed Frame with Mattress, then click on the below link.

For whom this Double Bed Frame with mattress is designed?

This full-size bed frame is specially designed for;

  • Those who require springs with a box.
  • Those who need an elegant and luxurious decoration in their house.
  • Those who want up-to-date room look.
  • For those who need easy assembly of parts of the bed frame.

If you want to purchase a Double Bed Frame with Mattress, then click on the link.

For whom this Double Bed Frame with mattress is not designed?

Those individuals who want salts of metal rather than wood.

Those individuals who do not want to use a box spring.

Double Bed Frame with Mattress


  • Its best feature is it can be easily assembled and dissembled into its parts. It requires only two-person to disassemble or assemble its parts and only in less time (less than an hour).
  • Its design is simple and has elegant upholstery. This feature supports easy cleaning and polishing work. Its headboard is styled with a diamond stitch that enhances its look.
  • Its base frame is made up of steel. This feature makes this frame stronger while upholstery improves the lax look to its customer.


Its primary disadvantage occurs in its color. This frame supports only gray (light and dark) and beige colors. So it is not appealing to everyone.

Customers always think about the low price of the bed frame with its quality worth, in this bed from an alloy steel sturdy that has excellent weight effect about 1500 pounds storage. This capacity can be improved at the bottom of the frame along the vast 14 inches. This mechanism only takes a few minutes in this bed frame, and it never needs any tool to be gathered.

Any individual has almost 8 hours of sleep period on an average night. So, the best part of the furniture is required at home in bed. When you think you need a bed and want to purchase a mattress, you should consider many things in your mind. Because mainly, customers pick the bed from its style but not its frame or structure. When it comes to a platform bed, platform beds are luxuriously adaptable, and it only needs a mattress (not a box spring).

Important Note

It would help if you considered frame direction between 74 inches or 80 inches (in length) while it can vary in its width. Height can be between 14 inches and 18 inches.

Metal bed platforms are specially designed to remove box spring mattresses. Even after eliminating the box spring mattress, it gives complete support to the mattress. It has both designs, from stiff or rigid frames to portable frames.

It has some unique characteristics, too, like more storage height below this bed frame with a more aesthetic look than the conventional bed frames, including roller with it. In this bed frame, lighter support material makes it easier to transport.

How much weight of bed frame is?

This metal platform bed frame has a variety of weight capacities according to the size of the bed frame. Mainly, these platform bed frames are in a weight capacity of 250 pounds range in a smaller size, while 700 to 1500 pounds weight of platform bed frame in larger ones. 

These weight ranges are based on bed frames’ equivalency weight distribution. When you are willing to purchase a metal platform bed, you should compare what type of mattress you are using. Mattress weight is also counted in total weight concerning weight capacity. So the frame is in a weight capacity of 500 pounds, and your mattress is about 100 pounds, then at the current situation, you are at the weight capacity of 400 pounds.

You can find the best price bed with a mattress on our website of UK Beds Direct. If you want to buy a Double Bed Frame with Mattress, then click on the below link.

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