High Chairs for Little Ones: Rise to the Occasion in the UK

High Chairs

High Chairs for Little Ones: Rise to the Occasion in the UK

Finding the perfect high chair for your little treasure is essential since it'll substantially contribute to having a pleasant (and smooth sailing) mealtime experience. It's up there with the crib and stroller regarding how often it'll be utilized and how important it is to get one that's comfortable and safe.

Choosing the best high chairs can be fun and exciting. However, before you begin shopping, you may have many questions. Which highchairs are easy to clean? What's the best foldable highchair? What's the best highchair for small spaces? Thankfully, we've got all the answers to your questions! As long as you select a high-quality, child-safe item for all new baby items, the rest is up to you!

When Do You Need a High Chair?

When your bub can sit up independently, typically around six months old – it's time to introduce a highchair into your kitchen. However, because every child is unique, it's crucial to keep an eye on whether or not your child is prepared.

The Benefits of Highchairs

If your baby is ready for a highchair, this milestone will benefit them, mummy, and daddy. With your babe in a highchair, your hands are freed during mealtimes, so you can prepare and eat your food or help your other children.

Other benefits of highchairs include:

Encouraging independent eating – your little one learning to self-feed will provide your budding eater with essential motor skills such as the grasp of the pincher.

Speedier approach to independent eating –

Babies quickly learn to feed themselves when they have a highchair. Kids can independently explore, play, grasp a mouthful, and swallow. Plus, when eating alone, they adjust to their natural hunger signs, eating only as much as they want.

Makes mealtimes easier –

 The food trays that generally come with highchairs also have cup holders to hold bottles/cups, which makes serving easier. And this also allows you to put all the food in one place!

High Chairs

Cleaning becomes easier –

Babies + independent eating = a lot of mess! And as a new, busy mummy, you could probably do without additional cleaning. Highchairs can be helpful since even if your child creates confusion, it will all be contained in one area. Additionally, most highchairs have been made to be simple to clean! With most highchairs, besides the food tray, the other parts can also be easily cleaned – all it takes is one wipe with soapy water, and you're good to go!

Safety and comfort –

There’s nothing more important than your angel's safety. Highchairs are explicitly designed for infants and customized with a growing infant in mind to ensure they're comfortable and safe. Most come with a 5-point safety harness, so your little one is secure for the whole mealtime. Some versions even offer reclining chairs to assist your baby's fragile spine.

Multipurpose – your baby's highchair isn't only useful for mealtimes! Give those toys, play dough, coloring, storybooks, or even coloring books.

The Main Types of Highchairs

There are three main types of highchairs for your angel, and all cater to different needs:

Standard/traditional highchairs don't fold or transform and can't be traveled with. They have a seat with four legs – just like a chair and are available in different styles.

Multipurpose highchairs can transform into one where the seating can be removed and secured to a regular chair as a booster seat – Often, these types of highchairs can be folded for storage.

Grow-with-me highchairs –these modern highchairs are usually made from wood and look like actual furniture. They are created to change and develop as your child gets older.

High Chairs

How to Choose the Right Highchair?

When choosing the ideal highchair for your child, you should consider your way of life, the available space, and personal preferences. It would help if you thought of the traits listed below:

Cleaning –

 A highchair that requires total disassembly to clean is the last thing any parent wants. Look for highchairs with coverings that can be removed and washed and ones with minimal crevices or spots where the dreaded crumbs and liquids might get trapped.

Durability –

 A highchair that won't break easily is a blessing as you want to be able to use the same highchair for at least two years. Therefore, be sure to get one that is made to last. Also, remember that it ought to be robust enough to prevent easy tipping.

Safety –

 Opt for highchairs with a five-point safety strap, which should always be used when your baby is sitting in their highchair to help keep them safe and sound. Additionally, be careful to avoid high chairs with locations that are simple to access and might trap little fingers.

Size –

Consider purchasing a highchair that clamps onto the table or can be folded and stowed when not in use if you don't have a lot of space. Consider portable highchairs if you anticipate transporting your baby's highchair to other locations, such as a vacation or grandma's house.

Wheels –

Highchairs with wheels are particularly practical, especially for parents caring for a baby alone at home and needing to multitask. Before making a purchase, always verify the locking mechanism on the wheels.


The most cherished and crucial piece of feeding equipment is a highchair! Remember that a highchair can be something other than the most costly to be appropriate or acceptable.


  • Safety harness. This is essential to keep your baby safe.
  • Allows baby to sit at 90 degrees. The golden rule is 90-90-90! This means you want to find a highchair that will enable you to put your baby in this position when feeding quickly.
  • Has a footstool (adjustable is best). Your infant may get distracted and less engaged during mealtimes if they need adequate foot support.
  • Easy to clean. To get a high chair that is simple to clean, look for one with a wood, plastic, or metal frame.

Removable tray at the level of baby's elbows.

Your infant can eat with the necessary range of motion if their tray is at elbow height. Another option that may be useful is a detachable tray if you want to take it out so your child may eat supper with you. Remember that this could be challenging occasionally if the chair height matches the height of your kitchen table. Nevertheless, you might lessen this by locating a highchair with movable legs. Another advantage is having a highchair with a height adjustment.

High Chairs

*Honorable mention* you don't need to buy a highchair with a recliner. While reclining can be okay for bottle feeding, reclining your baby when eating solids is NOT safe for your baby!

Can we place our main bed near high chair?

Placing your main bed near a high chair in your home can have both advantages and disadvantages. Here's a breakdown in bullet point form:


Proximity for nighttime feedings:

 If you have a baby or toddler who needs nighttime feedings, having the high chair nearby the ambassador bed can make it more convenient for preparing and feeding them.

Monitor your child:

 Being close to your child's feeding area allows you to keep a closer eye on them during meal times, ensuring their safety. Putting your panel bed near to highchair improve that.


You can access the high chair quickly when it's mealtime, making it easier to establish a routine for your child.


Sleep disturbances:

The noise and activity around the high chair during mealtimes might disrupt your sleep if the sleigh bed is too close, especially if your child's feeding schedule doesn't align with your sleep schedule.

Limited privacy:

 Placing the luxury bed near the high chair may reduce your privacy, making it challenging to have quiet, uninterrupted time in your bedroom.

Safety concerns:

If your child starts to climb out of the high chair or reach for items on the main bed, it could pose safety risks.

Sleep quality:

 Proximity to a highchair may lead to crumbs, food particles, or spills on the modern bed, affecting sleep quality and cleanliness.

Transition difficulties:

 As your child grows, having the queen bed close to the high chair may make it harder to transition them to independent sleeping arrangements, as they may become used to the proximity.

In summary, placing your main bed near a highchair can offer convenience for feeding and monitoring your child, but it may also lead to sleep disturbances, reduced privacy, and potential safety and cleanliness concerns. Careful consideration of your family's needs and the layout of your home is essential when making this decision.

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