Purchase online Reliable Wooden Bed Frames

Purchase online Reliable Wooden Bed Frames

Wooden Bed Frames

UK Beds Direct’s collection of wooden bed frames goes far beyond the classic style and offers modern and comfortable cabin options. We offer a range of materials from natural oak, pine, rubberwood, and many other options in our wooden beds. Browse our assortment today to discover the style that suits your aesthetic.

What size wooden bed frames do we stock?

At UK Beds Direct, our range of wooden beds can support all standard UK mattress sizes, including small single (75 x 190cm), single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190 cm), king size (150 x 200 cm) and super king (180 x 200 cm). Depending on the brand and design, your wooden bed frame will be slightly larger than these measurements due to the headboards, footboards, and side panels. We also have wooden bunk beds, perfect for children’s bedrooms or guest rooms. Our range of wooden bunk beds comes in a natural or painted finish.

What are the types of wooden bed Frames?

Natural wooden bed frames

Most of our wooden beds are available in natural wood, which guarantees the highest durability, longevity, and high-quality materials. From oak bed frames to natural pine bed frames, we have many ottoman options available in rubberwood. These wooden bed frames often express a homey feel with their natural traditional styling, but many are available with veneered finishes for a fresh, more modern look.


All of our wooden beds that are not natural wood are made from materials such as particleboard or MDF. They create more streamlined versions of wooden beds that reflect modern forms far removed from our natural options’ domestic environment. Please find here our options for bedding in painted or coated wood.

Sprung or solid slats?

What are solid or spring slates? When looking for a new wooden bed, you will be convinced of these conditions. Solid boards are flat on the bed frame, while flexible boards have a slightly curved shape. This means that solid slate provides strong support for your mattress, so strong support in the mattress emphasizes tension or promotes a substantial feel in the soft mattress. On the other hand, Spring slats provide rebound support for your mattress, emphasizing a peaceful sleep solution or a slightly higher rebound for a more substantial mattress. Our wooden bed frames vary in the type of slate so that you can find the right option for you.

Wooden bed Frames

What are storage options available with a wooden bed frame?

We stock a variety of standard wooden bed frames and ottoman bed frames here at UK Beds Direct, with varying degrees of storage available. For standard wooden beds, drawer beds or under-bed boxes are great. You have plenty of hidden storage space for our ottoman wooden bed frames when you lift the mattress with a gas piston hydraulic system.

What bedroom furniture goes best with wooden beds?

Oak and pine wood are very versatile materials that match your existing furniture, or you can find matching nightstands. Our wood beds come in a row of natural woods that vary in colour, accent, and texture, so you can be sure that wood, industrial chic, or metal bedroom furniture is your new wood bed.

What brands of wooden beds do we stock?

Since wooden bed frames are some of the most popular types of bed frames, it’s no surprise that many of our trusted brands come up with their designs. We’re sure you’ll find your dream sleep solution from our range of solid wood beds.


There is a vast selection of wooden beds, from cheap pine beds to standard modern oak beds. The wooden bed frame has a classic and traditional shape that is reliably durable and solid. The wooden bed frames we work with in the UK look great in any design and are easy to combine with complementary bedroom furniture.

From small toddler beds to ottoman beds and box springs with storage drawers. Painted white bed, shaker style bed, and 4ft wooden small double bed.

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We are offering up to 30% discount on bed frames in our Mega for a limited time, so be sure and take advantage of it until then. Wooden beds are an absolute bargain at these prices.

Unlike any other bedroom furniture, the bed has to bear loads and push a lot, so solid and durable wooden beds are recommended in the bedroom. They don’t yell or snap!

The most popular woods used for wooden bed frames are pine and oak woods. Indonesian beaches, rubber, and ash are also top-rated. Rubber adheres quickly to pine, making it the Far Eastern equivalent of pine. A fast-growing wood that can be landed in a wide range of stains from mahogany and teak to light-colored beaches.

Bed slates are made primarily of pine, but with the increasing number of beds, now staggered-layer slates are used, called spring slates, because they bend completely and reproduce the effect of the raised base.

There are several wooden bed styles, but the most famous toddler bed is the single pine bed with a spindle headboard. Shaker-style beds are the best-selling double beds, and beds painted white have recently become best-sellers.

In the UK, wooden beds are available with storage, drawers, or ottomans for sale. These wooden beds are costly, and alternatively, buy a separate wooden drawer on wheels that slide under any wooden bed.

Multiple sleep disorders and Sleep Apnea are found in the population, and the trust wants to help the community with this problem. Whether you have a problem with sleep or not, a good bed will help make the best rest possible. Several wooden bed frames depend on the size and budget, from simple to heavy. Wooden bed frames are commonly available with a headboard; they fit but are not a standard feature. Any style can look glamorous, but you’ll have to decide if the foot end fits the overall look or if your room will fit into a more specific, minimalist setting.

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