4 Poster Bed in the UK

4 Poster Bed

What is a four-poster Bed?

A Four poster bed is not something that is out of the box or can’t be understood. A four-poster bed is a simple bed having four vertical columns, one in each corner. These vertical columns either support the upper panel or the frame.

History and Origin of 4 poster beds:

The origin of these 4 poster beds is from the 16th century when people used to sleep around fires in great halls. There were no proper beds and people often got sick due to cold.

As people slept close to each other, the germs and disease easily spread like a wildfire. Then the idea of four poster beds rose. The bed had curtains and a canopy which served several functions like:

  1. Keeping cold drafts out
  2. Keeping illness in
  3. Privacy for the users
4 Poster Bed

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Firstly these four poster beds were developed for some practical reasons. These beds provide a warmer sleep environment because you can close the curtains at night. It gives a cosy environment to sleep peacefully. To make those beds fit into your room you need to have a huge room space.

Even though these 4 poster beds have many uses and would be great for commoners as well. But at that time only the elites of the place had these beds to showcase their wealth and power.

Modern 4 poster beds:

The modern 4 poster beds are more simple and more elegant than their ancient version. Not like the ancient four poster beds the modern 4 poster beds are sleek, minimalistic designer beds that give an elegant and classical look. These beds are not only elegant but also durable.  

Are our four poster beds suitable for children?

The 4 poster beds can be the best choice for kids as they are less imposing and Often come in single bed frames. For bedrooms that have a proper theme, a 4 poster bed is a perfect choice as you can get a perfect canvas for theme decor.

You can have an ideal frame for hanging fairy lights and other accessories to create a dreamy princess castle look. Or a space adventure look, whatever suits you the best. You can also have a 4 poster bed as your child’s first bed, which can help children learn and explore new surroundings by climbing down safely and easily.

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This four-poster bed is highly adaptable and it can be turned into a bunk bed with the addition of conversion kits whenever required. You can create a real statement in your kid’s room bringing a fun element.

Sizes of four poster beds:

The size of the bed is an important point to be considered when buying a bed. As the idea of 4 poster beds depicts, the sizes of these beds are usually big but you can have a perfect size according to your room space. Modern houses do not contain giant bedrooms so manufacturers have manufactured these 4 poster beds keeping in view the average room spaces and the space required to sleep well.


Now the designs for modern 4 poster beds are altered and innovated according to modern trends and requirements. There are different sizes of poster beds available. These sizes include:

  • Small single 4 poster bed
  • Single 4 poster bed
  • Small double 4 poster bed
  • Double 4 poster bed
  • King sized 4 poster bed
  • Super king sized 4 poster bed

Along with the size you need to consider the height of these beds as well, the height and dimensions of your room are really important.

Four poster storage beds:

When you are buying a bed you most probably look for storage features that cover less area but provide you the best storage space. You mostly want to get all things managed in less space, so what about buying beds with storage.

Modern bed manufacturers now cover every aspect and concern when designing the bed frames. Different brands offer different sizes and storage options in their 4 poster bed frames.

You can get ottoman or divan storage or even under bed storage drawers. In case you have a capacity issue the storage beds having under bed storage are a great choice instead of drawers. You can easily store your belonging as gas lift makes easy to lift the bed base.

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How can you assemble a 4 poster Bed?

We may find it challenging and hard to assemble a four poster bed frame but it is not that hard. Mostly the installation and assembly is done by the professionals when they deliver your product. But in case if it is not done by professionals’ two people would be enough to assemble the bed.

You can also look for local professionals who can help you install the bed much easily than you would do. If you are planning to buy a 4 poster bed frame then hurry up and find online.

Are 4 poster bed frames out of style?

Well considering the history and origin of these 4 poster beds you might be confused that are these beds still in demand or they have got out of style? So the answer is that irrespective of their origin these beds are still in style.

We may not use these beds to keep the cold out anymore but these beds give a great canvas to decorate rooms according to themes. Also you can create great authentic sense out of these beds. A 4 poster bed can fit perfectly in a modern bespoke bedroom design.

Benefits of 4 poster beds:

The best description for the modern bespoke beds can be given with the help of two words Grand and Luxe. If you find the description and name 4 poster beds appealing and you want to create a statement bedroom then your choice of these beds is absolutely right.

Just like the ancient times, you can use these four poster bed frames for the same reason. Like everyone wants to feel royal, don’t you? If you can sleep like a royal and fulfil your wish, then why not?

There are plenty of benefits a 4 poster bed can offer. Here are some:

1.     It’s glamorous:

The large and imposing 4 poster beds give a royal look to your room. Even though most of people do not use canopy and drapes bit still these beds are there to add a glamorous look to your bedroom.

2.     Makes a statement:

A four poster bed is a statement piece for any room interior.

3.     Great for themed children’s bedroom:

To create a fairy tale or princess decor for your princess or to create a galaxy for your astronaut you can use these 4 poster bed frames as a great canvas to spread colours of all types.

Things to know before choosing a four poster bed frame:

Not everything suits everywhere. So there are some of things to you need to consider while buying a four poster bed. You should know that due to the giant size of 4 poster beds these beds may not look good at dome places as they look in other. So when you are planning to have one make sure you consider the space where you want to place your bed.

1.     Space:

Rooms that are large enough to have an excellent space to manage a 4 poster bed are perfect. Make sure that you can place your bed in centre to make it a centrepiece and still you have enough space to roam around easily. Also you need to place some other furniture pieces as well so make sure you have got enough space.

2.     High ceilings:

Apart from length and width, the height of 4 poster beds is also very high. So make sure to consider the height factor as well. You need to have high ceilings to make your 4 poster bed fit perfectly in your room.

In case you want to place your dream bed into small room spaces, make sure you choose wisely and get a smaller one according to space that can fit perfectly and does not dwarf your bedroom.

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How do you dress your four poster bed frame?

A four poster bed frame can fit perfectly in more creative and decorative styles. Now most people do not use drapes and thick curtains and designers also keep the frame of four poster beds bare.

But it’s your bed and you are the one to decide what you want. You can surely add curtains if you love to. For a traditional look a wooden frame of 4 poster bed serves best but for a minimalist look an iron wrought four poster beds serves the best.

If you are looking for a 4 poster bed then it’s just a click away. There are plenty of online stores where you can buy different types of 4 poster beds. They will help you in taking your bedroom to next level if splendour.


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