UKbedsdirect is a company selling a variety of beds, sofas, ,footstools And etc. We have an online platforms including instagram, TikTok and our own website that take and supply orders from.

We are based in Dewsbury where our top quality beds are produced. Our beds are to the best of quality as we take pride in our job and want the best for our customers. All of our products are done to the best of our quality.

Our journey has started by selling beds at only first but then soon later we started selling sofas and footstools. This was done to grow our business and also from the feedback from our customers. We are very keen on getting feedback from customers as we would like to improve our business more and more everyday.

Our goals and aspirations our to give our customers the best sleep and give them the most comfortable bed for them. We want to get loyalty from customers so to do this and achieve our goal we listen to the feedback of customers and help with their problems. Another goal of our business is to increase our sales as we would like every person to have a feeling of comfort from our beds and have a good night sleep.

We produce all our beds to the best of quality to satisfy all our customers. We take pride in our work and focus on producing our beds to optimal quality. We do this by checking the product twice before sending it out for delivery and we also assemble the bed to make sure the bed is produced to its best and also works to its best to give our customers the comfort they want and need.