Alternative to Ikea Bed Frames in the United Kingdom

Alternative to Ikea Bed Frames in the United Kingdom

Alternative to Ikea Bed Frames in the United Kingdom

UK Beds Direct is a top recommendation for those seeking an alternative to Ikea bed frames in the United Kingdom. With a diverse selection of stylish and affordable bed frames, UK Beds Direct offers a range of options to suit various tastes and preferences. In this brief guide, we'll explore the standout features of UK Beds Direct's bed frames and why they make for an excellent choice when upgrading your bedroom decor and comfort. UK Beds Direct has you covered whether you prefer a minimalist, rustic, or contemporary look.
There are different sizes of Ikea Bed Frames and among them are full King and queen beds.

You need to have a good day before starting a night sleep

If you are having a good sleep then it will be the best start to your day. And if you don’t have a good sleep then your whole day will be affected because of this disturbed sleep. We have a wide range of full, queen, and king-size beds just like Ikea bed frames and they are in different styles. You may browse them in our store. Such quality beds will increase your quality of life and comfort in your life and you will wake up with a smile on your lips each morning.

 Alternative to Ikea Bed Frames in the United Kingdom

There are many beds which are having very smart features just like built-in storage space or they are of different size boxes which can slide underneath. Browse our website to find the best match for your need i.e pillows, mattresses, side tables, etc. such things will complete the bed of your dream.

Design and make a bed of your dreams with a bed like Ikea from our online store THE UK BEDS DIRECT. Our store has wide ranges of beds i.e king, queen, full-size beds and those bed frames which suites everyone’s style, livings, and taste. Sometimes a bed is a center of beauty related to furniture in your bedroom. A bed can take a wider space and our workers spend quality time on it to manufacture it.

Your best is your best buddy from your sleepy mornings to your relaxed evenings. Choosing a suitable bed for your i.e king, queen or full-size bed means you are considering your comfort at high priority.

Size of a Full bed

Generally, the standard size of a full bed has a mattress of size 135 cm wide and 189 cm long.  But, this is not the biggest size, still big enough for at least 2 people to share the space of the bed and they may sleep comfortably. Moreover, a standard bed frame has a space that is wider and longer than the size of a mattress.

If you are not sure whether a double bed is quite enough for you or a full bed, and you want an even bigger bed then have a look at our king size and queen size beds.

Additional storage space may store many things in it

Mostly we don’t have much space in our room for a lot of things and for those who are having even smaller rooms like compact quarters, studio apartments, or cozier bedrooms, they may have a feeling like we do something with our beds to have more space in our room. We are solving this problem our king-size beds may take a lot of room items in it in their storage space.

Alternative to Ikea Bed Frames in the United Kingdom

Have you considered a bed frame having a storage space in it? It’s the same as what you are thinking about it. Our bed frames double the space of your room in the form of storage space. This storage space can be at many places at the headboard or below the mattress in the form of shelves and draws.

You don’t need to compromise on your room’s space and you must ensure that your important belongings can be adjusted with the help of your bed. A queen bed frame that has built-in draws can be used to store clothes, bedding sets, or even duvets, and if you have a bed that lets you flip the bed base up so that you may use it as a storage space of bigger things in your room. Even, if you don’t need to have any kind of built-in storage space then the height of the bed frame may allow you to drag big boxes underneath your beds.

A better bedtime for relaxation

We have many upholstered bed frames which provide greater support for your longer late-night readings. Importantly, all these features come in a very affordable price package which is unbeatable.

Secrets of space under your dream bed

Many people are facing problems with storing a lot of seasonal things and they may find it challenging to store them at a suitable place. You may find a lot of boxes just like IKEA beds at our online store and these items may solve all of your problems.

Our beds are best for you just like Ikea Beds

We know that if we have a relaxed night then we may have a very good day. So, make sure better sleep comes with a comfortable bed of double size and we are solving this problem you may find a lot of double beds according to your budget and according to your body size as well.

Bed frames

Many of our beds are usually sold with separate mattresses and separate bed frames which means you may match the look and style of your bed with different kinds of mattresses according to your choice. We have a wide assortment of bed frames and it will make it easier for you to get a bed style and bed size according to your which. With the choice of the right height of your beds, you may choose the right bed frame which may assist you to get out of your bed in a much easier way.

Many of our bed frames have spacious storage space built-in in the form of drawers etc and it may help you to solve your problem. For example, a cabin bed may contain cupboards or shelves beneath it. If you have very limited space and you want to maximize your room space then purchase your beds from us as we have a solution to your problem.

Bed sizes

Our beds have a wide range of sizes and shapes. They may look different from each other. There are many bed frames which are having different dimensions which are standard for different bed sizes for adults. Normally a mattress has an area of 200 cm long and width has variable sizes. Similarly, we have the same criteria for children’s beds. We have the following sizes of beds and they are not limited to it.

  • A small single bed may have an area of 75 cm
  • A standard single bed may have an area of 90 cm
  • A small double bed may have an area of 120 cm
  • A double bed may have an area of 135 cm
  • A king-size bed may have an area of 150 cm

Alternative to Ikea Bed Frames in the United Kingdom

If you are looking to enhance the elegance of your home with exquisite beds and furniture, UK Beds Direct is the ideal destination. They offer a wide range of premium options such as Ottoman beds, Chesterfield BedsPanel beds, Ambassador beds, Wingback beds, Bespoke beds, Luxury Beds, and Wall Panel Beds. In addition, UK Beds Direct provides various other collections including Mattresses, Sofas Collection, and Wooden wardrobes. For more information, you can visit their website or contact them at +44 7551 934500.

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When searching for bed frames in the United Kingdom, numerous alternatives to Ikea cater to various styles and budgets. From well-established furniture retailers to boutique shops and online platforms, you'll find many options to suit your specific preferences and needs. These alternatives offer diverse designs, materials, and price points, ensuring you can find the perfect bed frame to complement your bedroom decor and provide a comfortable night's sleep. Explore these options to discover the ideal bed frame for your UK home.

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