Spelling Shed: A Game-Changing Approach to Spell Learning

Spelling Shed: A Game-Changing Approach to Spell Learning  

The Education Technology (EdTech) industry has witnessed remarkable growth over the past decade, fueled by technological advancements like Spelling Shed and the pervasiveness of the internet. This innovative approach to education has captivated stakeholders across various academic levels, including students.

EdTech, in its essence, encompasses the technology that facilitates and enhances the learning process. Often referred to as Learning Technology, EdTech employs a systematic approach to education utilizing various technological tools, including the internet and web-based platforms.

Among the plethora of EdTech platforms, Spelling Shed stands out as a dedicated web-based resource specifically designed to cater to the spelling needs of primary school students. Upon entering the platform, users are welcomed by a wealth of valuable resources, coupled with a captivating range of spelling games that can transform how young minds grasp and retain spelling patterns. It is meticulous design adheres to the National Curriculum guidelines, making it an ideal springboard for aspiring spellers aiming to excel in spelling competitions.

Spelling Shed: Making Spelling Engaging and Effective


Spelling Shed is a dynamic tool that removes the monotony from spelling practice. Our interactive game transforms how learners engage with spelling while providing educators with a powerful platform for delivering impactful spelling lessons and assessments, reducing their workload.


What is a Spelling Shed?


It is a user-friendly web-based game that can be played on various devices such as phones, tablets, and computers. It's a versatile learning tool that caters to the needs of both students and teachers. Here's how it works:

  1. Weekly Spelling Rules: Each week, students are assigned a specific spelling rule that aligns with their classroom learning. This tailored approach ensures that they practice what they've been focusing on in class.
  2. Flexible Difficulty Levels: To provide students with the right level of challenge, we offer four difficulty levels:
  3. Easy: This level displays the word, plays an audio clip, and shows only the included letters.
  4. Medium: Only the included letters are displayed, and an audio clip is played.
  5. Hard: An audio clip is played, and it displays the included letters along with some random letters.
  6. Extreme: An audio clip is played for the ultimate challenge, and a full QWERTY keyboard is shown. Correct accentuation and capitalization are required.
  7. Dyslexic-Friendly Design: We've created our game with dyslexic learners in mind, ensuring it remains accessible and engaging for everyone.
  8. Personalized Avatars: All users have avatars that can be customized using honey pots. These honey pots are procured by accurately spelling words and inspiration to the learning process.
  9. School Rankings: Students can track Water beach Community Primary School's score against other schools nationwide and see how their performance stacks up against their peers within the school.


Unlocking the Power of Spelling Shed: A Game-Changer for Primary School Students 


In the world of interactive learning, Spelling Shed takes center stage, offering various features designed to enhance spelling skills and vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. Let's explore what sets this platform apart:

  1. Interactive Learning with Spelling Quizzes
  • It is introduces an interactive approach to learning with engaging spelling quizzes. These quizzes reinforce proper spelling and make the learning experience enjoyable for young students.
  1. Fun and Educational Web Games
  • The web games available are fun to play and have a positive impact on children's spelling and vocabulary. These games transform the learning process into an exciting adventure.
  1. Extensive Word Lists
  • With the target audience being primary school students, It is offers an impressive array of word lists. Over 4,000 words from the National Curriculum Syllabus are at your disposal. If you need a customized word list, It has you covered, giving you the flexibility to create your own.
  1. Diverse Game Types
  • Spelling Shed's games come in three exciting varieties:
  • Practice:The primary game type, ideal for assignments and structured training.
  • Bee Keeper:A word-guessing game that challenges players to choose letters to form words.
  • Buzz Words:A creative game where players compose words using random letter tiles, adding an element of unpredictability to the learning process.
  1. Dyslexia-Friendly Font and Difficulty Levels
  • As a result of incorporating the 'Open Dyslexic' font into their games, Spelling Shed takes dyslexia into account. The platform also offers various difficulty levels, ensuring that students of all abilities can find the right level of challenge while working through their spelling lists.
  1. Offline Play
  • It is understands the importance of flexibility. This app allows students from subscribed schools to enjoy offline play. It means that no matter where they are, students can access online games using their accounts, promoting uninterrupted learning.
  1. The Exciting Hive Game
  • Last but not least, the crown jewel is their Hive game. This thrilling feature promises an exciting and collaborative experience for students, making the learning journey more engaging and interactive.

It is more than just an educational platform; it's a gateway to a world of fun and effective spelling and vocabulary development. Join the hive, embrace the challenges, and watch young learners thrive.

Spelling Shed Hive Games: A Unique Approach to Learning


In the ever-evolving landscape of education, Hive Games brings a fresh and exciting twist to the world of spelling and learning. Just as competitive gaming gave birth to e-sports, where players from across the globe unite to compete in video games, Hive Games lets students engage in a live, interactive spelling challenge.

Here's how it works: all participants spell the same word simultaneously, each from their device. The Teacher Hub empowers educators with complete control over the Hive Games, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Picture the thrill of competing against your friends or classmates in a spelling showdown. It might sound extravagant to traditionalists, but incorporating competitive gaming into education is a remarkable idea. Deserves recognition for this innovative approach.

Fostering Healthy Competition among Students


It web games and Hive Games foster healthy competition among participants. Playing these engaging games earns scores or points based on your performance, propelling you up the ranks in the various leagues. Strive to become one of the top-performing students in your school, league, or class. The live Hive Games offer another avenue to showcase your spelling prowess.

Promoting competition among young minds is praiseworthy; it motivates students to invest more effort. A competitive environment can significantly contribute to personal growth.

Spelling Shed Certifications for Continuous Motivation


Determination is the driving force that keeps children moving forward, even when faced with challenges. It understands this, and it rewards students' dedication and hard work with digital certificates upon completing specific tasks. These certificates are bestowed upon top scorers, spellers, and the "Speller of the Week."

You might wonder about the value of such certificates. These accolades are vital in motivating students to maintain their commitment to learning. Studies have shown that a reward-based learning system encourages individuals to put more effort into their tasks.

Can you study while sitting on your bed?


Yes, you can study Spelling shed while sitting on different beds, but the comfort level and suitability level may vary depending on the bed type. Here's how each of the mentioned beds can complement your study space.


  • Ambassador Bed: The Ambassador bed is luxurious and spacious, providing ample space to sit comfortably and study spelling shed. It's ideal for creating a sophisticated and cozy study nook.


  • King Size Bed: A king-size bed offers plenty of space to spread your study materials and work comfortably. It's an excellent option for those who like a lot of room while studying.


  • Modern Beds: Modern beds come in various designs and sizes. They can be an excellent choice for a contemporary study setup, as their sleek and minimalistic designs can complement a modern, clean study aesthetic.


  • Double Bed Frame: A double bed frame is practical for a single person or a cozy couple's study corner. It provides enough space for studying while not overwhelming the room.


  • Bespoke Bed: A bespoke bed can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences, making it a perfect option for creating a study space that suits your unique requirements and design choices for furniture on the cheap.


  • Panel Bed: Panel beds often come with headboards that can provide back support when sitting up to study. They can be a comfortable and functional choice for reading or working on your laptop in bed.


Empowering Educators with Spelling Shed

It is a game-changer for teachers, simplifying their vital roles. When you step into the Teacher Hub, you step into a realm of complete control over your students and their daily activities on the platform.


In the Teacher Hub, educators enjoy monitoring their students' actions and evaluating their progress. With access to the Teacher Hub, you can:

  1. Manage Student Accounts: Take charge of your students' accounts.
  2. Assign and Assess Tasks: Assign tasks to your students and evaluate their assignments.
  3. Track Individual Progress: Keep a close eye on your students' progress reports.
  4. Access Abundant Resources: Explore and utilize a wealth of available educational resources.


But that's not all! The platform goes above and beyond by offering mentors weekly lesson plans, engaging activities, and ready-to-print practice sheets. Furthermore, dedicated homework worksheets, complete with answer sheets, are provided for added convenience.

Subscription Packages on Spellingshed.com


Subscribing to Spellingshed.com offers a range of benefits and options to cater to your specific needs. Here's a breakdown of what you get by subscribing to their services.


Free 14-Day Trial: 

  • Before signing up for a paid subscription, Spellingshed.com offers a 14-day free trial. It allows you to explore their platform and determine if it aligns with your requirements.

Personal Subscription (30 Euros/year):

  • Up to 36 student accounts.
  • Full access to their web game and hive games.
  • Data tracking functionality is enabled, providing insights into student progress.

Premium Package (150 Euros/year):

  • Unlimited pupil accounts, ideal for larger groups or classes.
  • Access to an unlimited number of spelling sheets for a diverse learning experience.
  • All features are included in the Personal subscription package.
  • Detailed statistics and leader boards to monitor and motivate student performance. 

It's important to note that Spellingshed.com also offers bundle packages that include their Math EdTech platform. These bundles provide a comprehensive educational experience, but for relevance, we have yet to delve into the specifics of these packages in this explanation.

The Relationship between Spelling and Reading


In a word, "Yes." There is now more compelling evidence than ever that spelling forms the bedrock of reading skills. The link between poor spelling and struggling reading is well-documented (Adams, 2011; Gentry & Graham, 2010; Moats, 2005; Reed, 2012). While many elementary schools still assess spelling, it is becoming increasingly rare to see it actively taught.

Unfortunately, when we do not provide word lists based on letter-sound patterns or sound-spelling correspondences, we miss a crucial opportunity to engage the brain's reading circuitry. Spelling nurtures automatic recognition of words in terms of sound and meaning. This automaticity liberates cognitive resources during reading, resulting in more fluency. Multiple recent studies emphasize the foundational role of spelling in reading (Abbott et al., 2010; Gentry & Graham, 2010; Moats, 2005; Reed, 2012).

The Spelling Shed Approach:

Its strategy for spelling hinges on the relationship between sounds and written symbols. It leverages morphology to make spelling more meaningful. For students in K-5, this provides word lists following a systematic progression of phonics and word study skills appropriate for each grade level. The meticulously chosen word lists and engaging activities blend phonics and meaning, fortifying spelling skills and expanding vocabulary.

Our digital platform is engaging and versatile, offering multiple support levels for students at varying stages of word learning. Additionally, we feature an array of learning games to maintain student involvement. The beauty of It is its adaptability to your existing literacy curriculum, requiring minimal classroom instruction time. For educators, we provide invaluable student data on activities and aggregate information on specific spelling competencies.

The Spelling Curriculum:

Research underscores the importance of systematic spelling instruction (T.D. Horn, 1969; Joshi et al., 2008-2009). Spelling proficiency is a developmental journey, and offering the right words and patterns at the right time significantly impacts students' success.

Our word lists are structured around letter-sound patterns in the early grades, gradually shifting to more advanced spelling-sound correspondences, common prefixes and suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots as students progress. We provide word lists that blend previously learned spelling skills with irregular words and age-appropriate high-frequency words. Our curriculum aligns seamlessly with current English Language Arts (ELA) standards.

Unlock the Power of Spelling with the Spelling Shed


This is proudly powered by EdShed, stands as a comprehensive spelling platform meticulously crafted by a team of dedicated educators. This innovative tool is meticulously designed with students, teachers, and parents in mind, striving to transform the often-dreaded spelling task into a delightful and manageable experience.


  1. Whole-School Spelling Curriculum: Covering 100% of the English Language Arts (ELA) spelling standards, our curriculum ensures a solid foundation in spelling for students of all ages.
  2. Customizable Lists: You can create unlimited custom word lists and explore lists created by others within the platform.
  3. Engaging Student Games: Students can dive into spelling practice with our tablet and mobile games, making learning a fun and interactive experience.
  4. Versatile Accessibility: Our online game is accessible across various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, ensuring students can learn wherever they are.
  5. Teacher Hub: Designed for educators, the Teacher Hub simplifies the management of student records, teachers, and classes. It streamlines administrative tasks, allowing teachers to focus on teaching.
  6. Homework Assignments: Teachers can effortlessly assign and monitor homework, such as weekly spelling lists, ensuring targeted and consistent practice.
  7. Whole-Class Hive Games: These innovative games offer an engaging alternative to traditional weekly spelling tests, allowing all students to participate simultaneously, fostering friendly competition and learning.


Our platform serves as a holistic whole-school spelling solution. It provides weekly spelling lists and activities, targeted practice through our app and online game, and the exciting Hive Games for a comprehensive weekly class spelling experience. This is an invaluable resource for students and a powerful tool for teachers and parents, making spelling an enjoyable and productive journey for all.

Empowering Teachers with Spelling Shed


Teachers play a vital role in education, and the supports them. Spelling Shed offers a valuable resource to complement existing spelling curriculums, featuring tailored content for specific objectives and an engaging game for practice and progress tracking. What sets apart is that it is created by teachers, for teachers.

It all began in the founder's classroom, and from there, a suite of tools was developed to empower educators and schools in managing student data, including comprehensive assessment reports. This closely monitors student game play and responses, allowing teachers to monitor weekly activity and provide the necessary support for advancement or remediation.

Our platform facilitates learning from anywhere, anytime; ensuring students can learn and practice without obstacles. With our administrative tools, groups of schools can efficiently manage their data centrally, streamlining the educational process for all involved. This is committed to making teaching and learning a seamless experience, and our tools are crafted with teachers and students in mind.


How to Access Spelling Shed:

To get started with Spelling Shed, your child will have their login credentials, which should be provided in their Home School Partnership Diary. It is not just about spelling. It's about making learning engaging, accessible, and rewarding for students while helping teachers streamline their assessment processes. Try it out and experience the difference in spelling education.

How can you teach with this tool?

It offers a creative and purposeful approach to spelling practice, making it an excellent resource for teachers looking to infuse a small quantity of innovation into their lessons. Here is how you can make the most of this platform to create engaging spelling lessons:

  1. Watch Tutorial Videos: Begin your journey with by watching the video tutorials provided. These tutorials offer a comprehensive overview of the various tools available on the teacher dashboard.
  2. Lesson Schemes: Leverage the pre-designed lesson schemes encompassing online and offline spelling activities. Ensure that the difficulty levels align with your student's abilities and grades. This logical progression enhances the learning experience.
  3. Customized Spelling Lists: Tailor your spelling lists to address specific problem areas or align them with lessons in science, history, literature, or social studies. This flexibility allows you to integrate spelling into various subjects seamlessly.
  4. Meaning and Usage: Encourage students to practice spelling new words and explore their meanings and usage in context. This holistic approach deepens their understanding of language.
  5. Hive Games: If your entire class has access to computers simultaneously, take advantage of hive games to conduct real-time spelling quizzes and address challenges collectively. It fosters a sense of teamwork and healthy competition.
  6. Spelling League: Extend the learning experience beyond the classroom by participating in the spelling league. Strive for high spelling scores and contribute to the site’s community.

Is it good for learning?


It boasts a robust teacher platform that offers many opportunities for customized learning experiences. While exploring all its features may take some time, the effort is well worth it. Here is what you can expect:

  • Customization: The platform allows you to create and customize word lists and assignments according to your classroom's specific needs. This adaptability makes The a valuable companion for lessons in various subjects.
  • Performance Data: Spelling Shed provides detailed performance data, making it easy for teachers to identify areas where students may need extra support. Color coding simplifies this process.

However, when it comes to the student experience, there is room for improvement. The three available games are traditional and could benefit from more excitement and adaptability. It would be helpful if the platform offered guidance to help students select appropriate difficulty levels.

The spelling drill could also be more forgiving, allowing students to try again after misspelling a word, especially for younger learners. Additionally, while the platform offers an improvement over traditional quizzes, it could explore the full potential of the digital medium.


In conclusion, the Education Technology (EdTech) industry has undergone significant growth and the stands out as a valuable resource for primary school students looking to enhance their spelling skills. This innovative platform offers a comprehensive and engaging approach to spelling practice. Its features, such as personalized avatars, diverse game types, and offline play, cater to the needs of both students and educators.

Spelling Shed's Hive Games bring a fresh and exciting twist to spelling and learning, fostering healthy student competition. The platform's certification system motivates learners to excel, and its robust Teacher Hub empowers educators with tools to manage student progress and assignments effectively.

The platform's systematic approach to spelling aligns with research highlighting the connection between spelling and reading skills, making it a valuable addition to the classroom. Spelling Shed's adaptability to existing literacy curricula and systematic spelling instruction further enhance its educational value.

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