What To Do With Old Mattress in the UK?

What to do with old mattress in UK?

What To Do With Old Mattress in the UK?

What to do with your old mattress? This question always arises when you want to purchase a new mattress for your house. If you have a cozy mattress extended to its maximum limit, its retirement time has arrived now! But relaxed, and let’s think that it is not necessary to say painful or tearful byes to your trustful partner (mattress) even though you have the option of upcycling or recycling it!

If you can recycle your love partner (your cozy mattress), you should first upcycle its components to make some junky funky and creative, handy craft, with some modification.

Myles Munroe said that:” life value is not its living duration but the donation. How long you live is not a worthy thing instead of how effective you live for your community cause.”

What To Do With Old Mattress in the UK?

So UK Beds Direct fully supports this act of donation, and donation matters a lot. So if you don’t have enough money to donate, donate your great sleep partner, mattress, or bed.

Some alternative options for your mattress that; what to do with your old mattress?

1. Please make a Contribution to the lives of others (Donate it)

Pleasure comes from where? It comes through giving, but not through purchasing or through consuming. Donation matters in everyone’s life as donation gives us a new occupancy and happiness to life. Our ancestors say; the trash of one person is the treasure of another person. So, your old things or old mattress can be some lift to another life. For charity consideration; consider:

  • The Salvation Army is that charity that will come to your house and pick your mattress free.
  • Goodwill is a charity organization that accepts old mattresses but in better condition.
  • Another organization is Habit for Humanity, which offers free pick-up services for larger objects.
  • As the name indicates, its function Mattress Disposal Plus is the organization that will dispose of your old mattress in the best eco-friendly way and picks your mattress free.
  • Find the Local Charites near you to pick different items for donation purposes, so contact local charities.

2. Upcycle the Spring of the Mattress

Upcycle spring of your old mattress as decoration purpose of your house, gardens, garages, etc., such as planter for a garden, pen holder, rope binder from two side, hanging lamp or table lamp. It’s up to you how creative you are. Or you can support any of your friends or relative handy crafter by providing these upcycle items.

3. Recycling Option - What to do with old mattress?

If you want to recycle anything, you are the friend of the environment. Recycling is the process of maximum reusing of old things. So if you want to recycle your old mattress, it means you give it a new lease of life to your mattress. Different states offer different options for items recycling. So here is the site byebyemattress.com which will help you find the best local recycler or recycling center for your mattress stuff.

4. How to resell your Mattress?

Another excellent option for your old mattress is to sell it. But first, you should need to clean your mattress and disinfect it properly. You have many sites to resell your old mattress, such as Marketplace of Facebook, Newspaper classified Ads. and local auction center. Some online sites, such as craigslist.org, are also available for classified ads.

5. Fix or Repair it

It will be a great option if you want to fix the mattress or repair it. The fixing option will cost less rather than buying a new mattress. It’s not too difficult to repair your mattress at home. Repair the sagging issue of your mattress by attaching plywood over its base. Wool thread can be used to fix small holes.

6. An old mattress can be used as Cat and Dog Caves (Pet House)

 Your pet, your woolly partner, will be so thankful if you build a house base with this old mattress. It will be another good gift for your lovely pet. You only need to cut the mattress according to your pet size and then layered it with any fabric, or you can stitch it for long-lasting usage. Bay! It’s ready to sleep.

What To Do With Old Mattress in the UK?

7. Upcycle the fabric and foam of the mattress

Your old mattress fabric and foamy stuff can be upcycled or recycled by different creative ideas such as:

  • Stuff toys
  • Cushions
  • As filler of bean bag
  • Soft pillows
  • Air stopper in winter season/ snow stopper
  • Dart Making
  • For Hand Therapy/Activity (For Cognitive Skills).
  • Apply a thin layer on a wall to make a soundproof room (for video makers, voice-over artists, counseling rooms, etc.).

8. Make Garden Long Sitting Flooring

You should only perform a few steps to make this long-sitting flooring.

First, you should longitudinally cut the mattress into two or three sections; it’s up to you. Then make a fabric cover according to the new cutting size of the mattress. Stitch that cover and put it on those sections. Fix them in the garden at shady places or where you want to sit.

9. Make Flooring for Toddlers

When your baby starts crawling or is in the initial stages of walking, you are in a bit of difficulty or fear of fall of your baby. So if you have an old mattress to discard, use this option to make toddler’s room flooring. It makes your baby room a cozy play area, and walking learning will be easy and comfortable.

10. Best use of Mattress Fabric

Use mattress fabric for new bedding, rug making, chair covers, and dining cover sets. It will prevent your furniture from staining.

Through little creativity in your old things or your old mattress, your house is more beautiful, and your budget will be managed through these simple tricks. If you liked this article, leave a comment in the comments section to tell us about your views.

Bottom Line

You can upcycle or recycle your old mattress into incredible artwork with minor innovation and a little searching. Or you can also do different handy craftwork through this. It’s totally up to you that you can donate, resell or recycle its parts if the mattress is in good condition.

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What To Do With Old Mattress in the UK?

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In conclusion, when dealing with an old mattress in the UK, there are sustainable and responsible alternatives to simply discarding it in a landfill. Recycling, donating, selling, utilizing manufacturer take-back programs, or exploring creative upcycling options can all contribute to a greener and more environmentally conscious approach. By choosing one of these methods, you not only reduce waste but also make a positive impact on the community and the planet.

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