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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mattresses in the UK

Unlock the secrets of blissful sleep with our comprehensive mattress guide. From compact small singles for kids to spacious super kings, we demystify sizes, pros, and cons. Dive into the nuanced world of European mattresses and learn the art of pairing them with stylish bed frames. Couples find tailored options, from intimate doubles to sprawling super kings.

Single sleepers rejoice with choices like small memory foam singles. We simplify the decision process, focusing on measurements, preferences, and room dynamics. Choose UK Beds Direct for quality mattresses in various sizes and colors, prioritizing your peaceful sleep.


A mattress is a considerable case of soft material filled with different kinds of material like foam, cotton, or any other synthetic fiber used to place on the bed frame. It provides your body with a cushion and gives you a comfortable sleep at night.

Are the mattresses and bed the same?

Bed and mattress are two different things. The bed consists of various components like a bed frame, mattress, headboard, footboard, and storage. The bed coverings, pillows, and blankets are also a part of your bed. Your bed frame is robust and sturdy, which gives support to your mattress. The main components that you can sleep comfortably on your bed are your mattress- soft and cushioned.

Do you need a mattress to sleep on?

Sometimes sleeping without a mattress is suitable for your muscles as they get strengthened and build over time. Your body gets a massage the whole night as you get pressure on your body parts. According to Bowman, this is called "Dynamic rest."

What is the purpose of a mattress?

A mattress is used to keep your body posture aligned. It is vital to keep your backbone straight while sleeping as it would avoid different muscles pain you may face in the morning. But unfortunately, this fundamental function has not been of the same importance in the last 20 years.

Is it better to sleep on a hard mattress or on a soft mattress?

A hard mattress is the best choice for people who sleep on their stomachs or those who love to sleep on the top of their mattresses and want it to be rigid. In contrast, soft mattresses are perfect for those who love to sleep on their side or sink into their bed and couples.


Before choosing a mattress, there is a lot you need to think about and figure out. You should know what sizes suit you and what mattress is best for you—feeling confused about the sizes of the mattress? Many mattress sizes are available, and the super king-sized is the largest.

You might have slept on many different sizes, but you may be unsure which one suits you the best. Let's look at other they will help you find your best match.

Which mattress size suits me?

Since your birth, you have slept on many different mattress types, from a cot-sized to super king-sized. What mattress suits you depends on your height, sleeping pattern, etc.

How do I know what size mattress to get?

Before buying a mattress, you consider many things, like how much space you want while sleeping? Do you sleep alone or share a bed? Do you love to roll in the extra space in your bed? Then go for double, king-sized, or super king-sized mattresses.

In contrast, if you want to save space and do not require extra rolling and stretching area, then a single or small double mattress is best for you.

What is the size of a small single mattress?

A small single mattress is 72cm wide and 190cm long. If your search for a bed is for small people or kids, this small single mattress is suitable. For growing kids and short-sighted people, it gives you enough room to sleep comfortably.

These, paired with bunks, are ideal for small and kids' rooms. These single mattresses can also be paired with small single bed frames.

What is the size of a single mattress?

The length of a single mattress is 190cm with a width of 90cm. For people facing common space issues in their living or spare rooms, the size of a single mattress is an ideal solution for space management. It can be a perfect fit for a teenager's room.

Recent trends show that many couples use two memory foam mattresses instead of one double mattress, so the single mattresses are fine for people looking for such an adjustment.

Pros and Cons of memory foam mattress single:


  • The price of a twin mattress is less than that of other more oversized. But prices may fluctuate according to quality.
  • It has a standard size and fulfils the needs of parents with young children.
  • It is an ideal solution for space management issues.
  • These are 38 inches wide and 75 inches long.
  • They are available in every quality, high or low.
  • Twin mattresses can fit in many bed frames and accommodate multiple kids.
  • These twin bunk beds can save extra space and provide a playful environment for the children.


  • These are not suitable for adults or heightened people.
  • These are not relaxing for sleeping two people at a time.

What is the size of the European single mattress?

The European single mattress is 90cm wide and 200cm long. It is just like another sibling of a single and small single mattress. They are all just the same with a simple slight difference.

The European single mattress is slightly longer than the other types and perfectly fits heightened people. It is comfortable sleeping on for tall people without compromising their body posture. These don't fit into standard bed frame sizes, so you must check before buying one.

What is the size of a small double bed with mattress?

A small double bed with a mattress comes in a width of 120cm with a length of 190cm. As the name says, these are slightly smaller than the standard beds and can easily fit into small rooms. These are good for couples who require less space.

This small double bed with a mattress can be paired with a divan or storage options to make space management efficient. These mattresses can be used for small, divan, or other storage beds.

What size is a Double Memory Foam Mattress?

The double memory foam mattress is 135cm wide and 190cm long. Couples and those who sleep with someone else need enough space to sleep comfortably. For those, a double mattress is a perfect choice. It doesn't give you enough space like a king-sized or super king-sized mattress, but it still gives you enough room to sleep peacefully.

Pros and Cons of Double Bed Mattress:


  • The double memory foam mattress does not require excessive space to be placed.
  • It is common and budget-friendly.
  • It gives you enough room to stretch.
  • They are cheaper than a queen or king-sized mattress.


  • As the teens grow faster, you may need to replace the mattress later because it will give them less legroom to rest.
  • It is not suitable for two people who love more space.

What size is a European double mattress?

A European double mattress is 140cm wide with a length of 200cm. The double mattress and the European mattress are twins differing in size. The European double mattress is slightly longer than the double mattress. It gives extra legroom to tall people to sleep comfortably.

What is the size of a king-sized mattress?

A king-sized mattress has a width of 150cm and a length of 200cm, perfect for adults who want extra space to sleep. It is ideal for couples who wish for additional space to rest peacefully. You can have enough legroom to roll and relax.

Pros and Cons of king mattress size:


  • These mattresses have colossal space to sleep and are suitable for couples who have a baby or a pet to sleep with them.
  • It is money-saving because it usually does not require up-gradation to a more spacious mattress.
  • Various prices and quality products are available in this size.


  • It is large and requires a lot of space; it cannot fit into small rooms.
  • It may be expensive, but it also saves money in the long run.

What is the size of a European king-sized mattress?

The width of a European king-sized mattress is 160cm, and the length equals 200cm. These mattresses are like the other European mattresses, i.e. a bit longer. These provide perfect sleep to tall sleepers.

How big is a super king mattress?

The largest available size in the mattress is a super king mattress. It is 180cm wide and 200cm long. It provides remarkable space to roll in and stretch easily. As adults, we mostly want our bed space to be broad.

The super king mattress is the best choice for extra space compared to the double mattress. But this choice is dependent on your room space. If your room is small or standard, the small double bed with a mattress suits you. But rooms have huge spaces and have their perfect partner, the super king mattress.

Mattress sizes and bed frames:

It would be best to choose the bed frames according to your mattress size or vice versa. It would help if you double-check before making any decisions. Complete details of mattresses and frames are given above; you can check.

If you want to buy a European mattress, cross-check as it is compulsory. The European mattresses vary in size from the standard sizes and can cause difficulty for you. These mattresses can not fit comfortably on standard bed frames.

Sometimes, the designs of frames also affect the sizes of mattresses you choose. Due to the headboard and footboard, a standard mattress can not fit in the frame easily. Taking proper measurements to get your frame a perfect mattress would be best.

What mattress size is best for couples?

There are many options available for couples to choose from. It depends on your requirements; what do you expect from these mattresses? Being a couple, if you still love your personal space and want a wide area to sleep in, then king-sized or super king-sized mattresses are a good option.

But if you want to save space and love to sleep close to each other, even the double mattress will work for you. The king-sized and super king-sized mattresses have plenty of space to sleep and relax. These are ideal for large rooms and extra spaces.

What mattress size is best for single sleepers?

Again, but most importantly, the decision is based on the preference of sleepers. A small memory foam mattress is suitable for small kids and short people. But for adults, it may have a bit of low legroom. So they can choose a single mattress. They can perfectly fit into small rooms.

Choosing a double or king-sized mattress would be wise if you want vast space to sleep and stretch.

How do you choose your mattress size?

Here are some steps to ensure that you have chosen the right mattress.

Measure yourself:

Ensure your mattress is 15cm longer than the maximum height of the person to sleep on it.


Do check that your mattress is big enough so that you can stretch easily.

Scope out your room:

Analyze your room space and check what mattress size is best suitable according to room space and interior. Sometimes, you may need a huge mattress to compliment your room; other times, you may keep it simple and easy using a double memory foam mattress (standard size).

Consider your sleeping position:

Decide how do you like to sleep. Are you a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper? Do you want to sleep on a rigid surface or like to sink into your mattress? How much legroom do you require while sleeping? These questions will help you choose your mattress.

Check your bed:

Ensure that the dimensions of the bed frame and the mattress are the same. It may be different due to the style of the bed frame. You should take proper measurements and choose your mattress.

Important considerations:

Pay attention to every detail when you are ready to select a mattress. You should consider the size, style, and other factors affecting the decision. A mattress is essential for a sound and comfortable sleep, and your sleep is crucial to success. So, choose wisely to be successful. It would be best to focus on factors like origin, height, available space, etc.


Pursuing a restful haven, your mattress emerges as the unsung hero. Our in-depth guide unravels the complexities, helping you find the perfect fit at UK Beds Direct. From compact singles to luxurious super kings, we simplify choices, ensuring seamless integration with your lifestyle and preferences. Our mattresses, designed with anti-allergic materials, promise a sanctuary for rejuvenating sleep. Whether you seek intimacy in a double or expansiveness in a super king, our range caters to all needs.

Before buying, ask your vendor to give you exact details because the information online may differ.