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Sonic Panel Bed Frame: Classy UK Beds

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Quebec Wingback Bed Frame From UK Bespoke

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The Elvan Wingback Panel Upholstered Bed Frame UK

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The Luxe Panel Bed Frame UK

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Panel Bed Frames UK

Panel Beds Frames

The panel bed gives an elegant and stylish look to any modern bedroom. The panel beds consist of a panel design headboard that is 54” high, along with a thick double-winged edge. The padded headboard of the panel beds is from our chesterfield range and is a very popular bed among all the others. What makes the bed more attractive is its footboard which is also padded with the same panel design.

Some of the other important additional information is given as follows:

  • The panel designed headboard.
  • Availability of beds in a variety of fabric colours.
  • Cushioned so it provides you with maximum comfort.
  • Long-lasting solid slatted base
  • Easy assembly
  • Handcrafted (UK based)
  • Uniquely designed floor standing headboard.
  • Availability of matching mattress (not included)
  • Availability of matching ottoman (not included)

Note: All beds are handcrafted by very skilled craftsmen in the UK.  The quality of the beds is always a priority and the beds are prepared while keeping in view all the flammability legislations.

What is a panel bed?

When you want to upgrade your room’s look you may need to find new beds and other furniture as well. Looking for beds variety you may come across the term Panel beds. But what exactly is a panel bed?

Panel beds give you a visual of traditional beds. Panel beds are designed in such a way that they support the traditional box spring and mattress as well. It consists of a headboard and a footboard along with a basic four-wall frame which makes them substantial enough to hold the box spring and the mattress both. One of the biggest examples of a panel bed is a canopy bed.

When you choose a panel bed you need to have a box spring along with a mattress for the best support. The surface of the panel bed is made of wooden slats that improve the ventilation underneath the box spring and the mattress. The use of a box spring is necessary for enough support for the mattress.

Using the mattress on the panel bed frame without the use of a box spring is usually not useful and comfortable. At the start, it was required that the mattress should be used along with a box spring. And the mattress warranty was only valid if the mattress was used along with the box spring.

4 Features of a Panel Bed:

All of the panel bed frames differ from each other on basis of design, style and functionality but there are some of the standard features which every panel bed poses.

These features include:

  1. Traditional Appearance
  2. Box Springs.
  3. Headboard Designs
  4. Underbed Storage

Your master bedroom should be designed in such a way that it reflects your personality. Along with the style and elegance, comfort also matters a lot. So whatever furniture you choose should be according to your requirements and basic needs as well. You choose mostly according to the type and size of bedroom and it helps you to keep your basic requirements in consideration.

If your choice is a panel bed then you have a variety of options regarding the size and the designs of the bed. You can choose what type of panelling you want like panelling behind the bed. If yes then what material should be used like, wood panelling behind the bed or wall panelling behind the bed etc.

Let's take a deep understanding of the features of a panel bed.

Traditional Appearance:

Panel beds are designed according to the styles in starting of the 20th century. This was the time when box springs and mass mattresses were considered an important factor for quality sleep. The most familiar beds with typically raised designs are the panel beds frames. The name of panel beds is due to their wide panels of wood either as a headboard or a footboard.

The panel beds also consist of side rails to hold the mattress and box spring, unlike a platform bed. All the bed board panels can be seen to have an embellished design as they are designed according to the traditional design aesthetics that were mostly all about ornamentation.

Among all furniture, a bed is a fundamental piece. So it should be chosen wisely. To create a classy and elegant look best choice for you can be panel bed frames. The panel beds frames are available in a variety of designs and colours. You can find beds in wickers, solid wood, veneers, metals, and upholstery materials. And when it comes to finishing bed board panels you have endless choices.

Box Springs:

The design of the bed board panels is not in such a way that it supports the mattress on its. For a comfortable sleep, you need to have a box spring to have good support for the mattress. Setting a box spring under your mattress gives you optimal comfort and support.

Some people love to add the box spring along with the bed board panel as it as a height to the bed but some people do not like the use of a box spring because of its heavyweight and it also adds expense to the panel bed frame.

These panel box springs can be a huge trouble for your health and sleep as they can wear out over time. It can cause your mattress to sage and leads to improper sleep, aches and pains when you will wake up in the morning. If you are interested in knowing what kind of bed frames you should have just keep on reading the article.


Panel bed frames are known for their large and heightened headboards. Also, they are known for, managing short spaces as they may have shelves, drawers or extra storage.

The headboards and footboards of panel beds are available in a huge variety of styles. Headboards come in a wide variety of materials and styles. You can choose the style and design of panelling behind the bed you want. You can have wood panelling behind the bed or wall panelling behind the bed. The materials for the headboard design include upholstery,  solid wood and many more. You can choose according to your preferences and styles.

The headboard is included in any of the panel beds with different styles and designs. Footboard is also present in some of the panel bed frames.

Underbed Storage:

Panel beds help a lot in managing small spaces. Most of the panel beds are with a footboard which gives a bonus space for storage.  Many panel beds contain drawers or under-bed storage compartments which makes storage of household items easier. If you are looking for extra height in your bed then a panel bed frame is a good option.

What are the sizes of Panel Bed Frames available?

Whenever you are trying to set up your bedroom either the new one or the old one the most important thing to be considered is what type of bed frames you want. This decision needs to be made according to your room size and what kind of look you want to create for your room.

There are different sizes available for the panel beds:

1.      4ft6 Double Bed:

This panel bed is 208cm long and 152cm wide. Its headboard’s height is 137cm and its footboard is 45cm high.

2.      5ft king size:

The kingsize panel bed is 213.5 cm long and 162.5cm wide. The headboard is 137cm high with the height of the footboard equal to 45cm.

3.      6ft Super King Size:

Super King sized headboard has a height of 213.5cm with a width of 185.5cm. the headboard size is 137cm and the footboard is 45cm high.

What is the difference between a platform bed and a panel bed?

Here are some of the differences you may find between a platform bed and a panel bed. The first and major difference between the two beds is their design and aesthetics.

The platform beds have a sleek and simple design. They do not have a headboard or a footboard. The height of the platform beds is lower compared to the panel bed frames. Platform beds are found in simple and clean designs.

Whereas panel beds are found in a wide range of designs, colours and materials. The panel bed is often made large and sturdy as needs to support both the box spring and the mattress. Platform beds are sleek because they do not require the set up of a box spring to support the mattress to have a sound and comfortable sleep. In a platform bed, you ned to place the mattress on the top and then you can enjoy plenty of good sleep.

Which bed should I buy? A platform bed or a panel bed?

The panel bed and then platform bed both have different features and qualities and both give unique look to your bedroom accordingly. Panel bed with low height gives a sleek and modern look with simple style whereas panel beds offer a lot more with a huge headboard and often a footboard with showy designs. Both beds have a huge variety of designs and styles.

For example, if you want to buy a platform bed, you have a whole variety to choose from. You can choose between the ultra-modern and the simple platform bed. You also have a choice between the polished, upscale upholstered look of the foundation platform bed or the practically space-age style of powerbase adjustable bed frames.

Well, most of the platform beds are designed without a headboard and a footboard, you are given an option of adding your headboard according to your requirements. The platform bed is designed in such a way that it does not require any other support or foundation for your mattress. The base of the platform bed provides all the necessary support required for the mattress and comfortable sleep. You don’t need a box spring.

But in the case of a panel bed, you need to have a set up of a box spring to support your mattress so you can sleep comfortably. The traditional designs of panel beds were made along with a box spring to give you a peaceful sleep.

The answer to the question that which one is better depends on your choice of sleeping on the box spring. It depends on you whether you want to sleep on the box spring or not? Depending upon your choice you can buy the one you want.

Single panel Bed Frame:

We all face a lot of trouble while managing the space in small rooms. If you are also facing the same problem then you should look for a smart solution. The single panel beds are a good option to manage low space. These single panel beds solve the problem of capacity and also are a perfect fit for small rooms.

There are many rooms in our house that act as multi-purpose rooms. A kid’s room is a place where they mostly play, sleep and study as well. So the room is a bedroom, play area and the study room as well. Also, many teens and even adults use their room as a room and also as a workstation.  For such rooms efficient space management is important.

Double Panel Bed Frames:

 How can you even expect that your morning is going to be refreshing if you are unable to sleep properly at night? You need to have a good sound sleep to wake up energetic in the morning. The double panel beds are designed in such a way that they provide you with a comfortable sleep.

The double panel bed frames along with the box spring ensure your quality sleep. The storage capacity of beds is also an important feature. Many of the panel beds having a footboard provide you with the capacity to store things under the bed. Also, their headboard is designed in such a way that they have storage capacity.

The King Sized Panel Bed Frames:

What is the size of king-sized Panel Bed Frames and mattresses?

The king-sized Panel Bed Frames are 213.5cm long and 162.5cm wide. Their headboard size is 137cm and their footboard is 45cm. the length of these beds is a plus point for tall people. They can get extra space to stretch and roll easily. These King-sized Panel Bed Frames are an excellent choice for people who want extra legroom and also for couples who are looking for a spacious upgrade.

For a peaceful night of comfortable sleep, the king-sized Panel Beds are a wonderful option. You can get a variety of designs and a huge variety of materials for your dream bed.

King Sized Panel Beds:

What is Super the size of a super king-sized Panel Bed?

The size of super king sized Panel Beds is 213.5cm in length and 185.5cm in width. Its headboard is 1387cm high and the footboard is 45cm high. It is the largest size of the bed. It is mostly loved by families who love a lot of space. This mattress provides a large space for you to roll over, and sleep comfortably and freely.

The more space means the more quality sleep. If you want to dream big you need a big space as well to see the big dreams. For the dreamers' the super king-sized Panel Beds are a good option. These beds can also have a great storage capacity. Most of the beds have a whole drawer under the bed to store their stuff.

Why would you love these Panel beds more?

Everything about these beds makes you fall in love with them. These beds are loved by people of each age group. It has a whole variety of designs, materials, quality and col. ours is so amazing. If you want these beds for your parents you can look for the traditional designs with a wooden or metallic touch.

These beds are based on early beds in the 20th-century so they will be loved by your parents. And if you want one for you or your children its modern and elegant design will make you fall in love with them.  Along with all these qualities, these beds are easy to assemble and take very less time.


  • The assembly and disassembly of these beds is an easy task. It can be done with the help of only two people in less time.
  • It has a range of very elegant designs for its headboard
  • Its base requires the use of a box spring to give extra support to the mattress.

The human body requires average sleep of at least 8 hours. For these 8 hours of sleep, you must sleep comfortably. And for a comfortable sleep choice of beds matters a lot. You should choose something that is elegant and comfortable. If you are looking for something like that, Panel Bed Frames is a good option.

The panel bed gives an elegant and stylish look to any modern bedroom. The padded headboard of the panel beds is from our chesterfield range and is a very popular bed among all the others. These beds are available in various colors and fabric choices. Call us at +44 7551 934500 to order now.