Ottoman bed frame in the UK

Ottoman bed frame

Ottoman Beds Frame in the UK

The ottoman bed frame contains large storage compartments underneath the mattress. These beds are of high use to store the clutter in minimum space. The ottoman bed frames are the stylish space saviours we all need in our homes. No matter what your room dimensions are, you can get these ottoman beds from single to super king-size bed frames without compromising the style and design of the bed frame.

Ottoman bed frames are fashionable and practical since they have a big storage area under the mattress that can help you reduce clutter. Our ottoman bed frame comes in sizes ranging from single to super king, and this is the ideal combination of function and beauty for master suites and compact bedrooms.

What is an ottoman bed frame?

Are you looking for more storage space for your room? Here we have a brilliant solution for you. Our ottoman bed frames are perfectly designed to have plenty of storage space and provide a comfortable night's sleep. These are the real game-changers.

Ottoman beds are fashionable and practical since they have a big storage area under the mattress that can help you reduce clutter. Our ottoman beds come in sizes ranging from single to super king, and they are the ideal combination of function and beauty for master suites and compact bedrooms.

Ottoman beds usually use hydraulic gas lifts to lift the bed base and reveal enormous storage space. You can raise the floor from either side and easily store away the clutter or occasional items. Lifting a tab will allow you to keep out things that are only used sometimes quickly.

Why should you choose an ottoman bed frame?

Extra storage space:

The best point about having an ottoman bed frame is that it provides extra storage under your mattress. It is more beneficial than the divan beds or under-bed drawers as it uses the entire bed base for efficient storage.

Long-lasting quality

The ottoman bed frames are bulky and made of sturdy materials like wood. The wood used is of excellent quality, ensuring the durability and last of the beds. Because of their unrivalled functionality, their durability is highly required. These ottoman beds are best known to stand the test of time in terms of their durability.

A style that suits you

Ottoman bed frames are available in various colour schemes and styles. You can get these bed frames with upholstered headboards, and different fabric options, leather or wooden options, are also available. Whether your interior is traditional or modern, you can get your desired bed frame in any finish from UK Beds Direct. We have a versatile range of ottoman bed frames in classic options and styles.

UK Beds Direct is the best store to find your dream bed frame with your desired bed frame Ambassador bedsOttoman bedsBespoke bedsWingback beds and Chesterfield beds. You can get one according to your desire from our store. Visit our website now. Contact us at +44 7551934500.

How comfortable are ottoman bed frames?

Want a hand-in-hand experience of quality and storage? So here is an intelligent solution for it, our ottoman bed frames. These ottoman bed frames are incredibly supportive, built to last, and space-saving. Ottoman bed frames are created with all the same features and fittings you'd expect from any top-of-the-line bed to give you the ultimate comfort and support for a restful night's sleep.

Ottoman bed frames are made from only the best materials. In reality, most of our ottomans are constructed with wooden bottoms that include sprung slats, which support your mattress in all the correct places and provide cushioning for your body as you sleep. Now your joint aches are over. Additionally, our ottoman beds come in a wide range of sizes, from single ottoman beds to doubles, king sizes, and even super king ottoman beds, so you can stretch out to your heart's content as you sleep.

The benefits of an ottoman bed frame:

Ottoman bed frames offer functional and fashionable features that help you rediscover and reinvent your passion for your bedroom. There are a variety of benefits you can get from ottoman bed frames:

Extra storage:

Any ottoman bed frame has a roomy storage area beneath the mattress to keep all your unwanted extras, including clothing, shoes, bedding, decoration items, luggage, and many more. You'll have more storage capacity with a larger ottoman bed frame, so keep that in mind when choosing between sizes.

Easy lift mechanism:

Access to the under-bed storage is highly convenient and thanks to our ottoman beds' completely secure hydraulic piston. The mechanism will engage as soon as you lift the frame, allowing easy access to your stored things.

Multimedia capabilities:

Many of our ottoman bed frames have areas for a television or gaming system. Check out the Drift Gaming Bed frame for the ultimate take on a bed frame with multimedia capabilities. Additionally, you can buy ottomans with USB ports, ambient lighting, and other features.

A broad selection of styles

There are almost no restrictions on style when picking an ottoman: vibrant hues, opulent velvets, faux leather materials, and design-conscious hardwood and metal frames. Try combining a rustic timber frame with simple decor motifs or an industrial design strategy with chrome ottoman details.

Clever shadow frames for elegant styling and maximum storage

Shadow ottoman beds create the exact look of an elevated bed frame while still having under-the-bed storage for those who adore it. For additional details, see our enlightening guide to our exciting collection of ottoman bed frames.

Which mattress is ideal for an ottoman bed frame?

An ottoman bed frame can be made with any mattress; there are no restrictions. It's crucial to think about your demands while choosing a mattress. You can get your bed according to your choice. See our guides to different mattress kinds and the one best for your particular sleeping position.

Our most popular mattresses are:

Memory foam:

It is an ingenious material that moulds to your body, relieving pressure on pressure spots like your shoulders and hips. Available in all stiffness levels, from incredibly soft to firm.

Pocket spring:

Individually wrapped springs in a pocket spring give your body the precise support it needs. Comfort levels range from gentle to quite firm and are ideal for couples.


Gel offers comfort to people who experience nighttime heat with its cooling layer. Excellent for side sleepers and available in comfort grades ranging from medium to complex.


It uniformly distributes body weight, reducing aches and pains. Due to its hypoallergenic qualities, latex is excellent for people with allergies and is available in soft to complex comfort options.

UK Beds Direct is the best store to find your dream bed frame with your desired bed frame. Ambassador bedsOttoman bedsBespoke bedsWingback beds and Chesterfield beds. You can get one according to your desire from our store. Visit our website now. Contact us at +44 7551934500.

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What safety features does an ottoman bed frame have?

The gas struts typically attached to ottoman bed frame bases are made to support the entire weight of the mattress when it rises and falls. The same principle is at work when you open and close a car boot. The hydraulic help lift the bed, but it also prevents any unexpected movements from happening, such as the lid or mattress slamming shut.

What are the choices of ottoman bed frames available?

There are three different kinds of ottoman beds:

The top is hinged from the side:

To access storage, you can put the mattress lifts on its side.

The top is hinged from the headboard:

The mattress lifts from the foot of the bed to enable access to your storage.

The top is hinged from the middle:

Unlike the other two designs, this one only opens halfway. It is hinged from the middle of the mattress.

Are ottomans bed frames heavy to lift?

Although lifting the mattress requires some initial strength, once the gas struts start working, it won't be a problem. As a result, it's crucial to confirm that the gas struts are adequate for the weight of your mattress. A divan bed with drawers might be a better choice if you have a high-quality mattress because it will likely be very weighty and require a bed with built-in storage.

Are ottoman beds firm?

Have you ever questioned whether ottoman bed frames are sturdy? You'll be happy to learn that a well-made ottoman bed frame is trustworthy, robust, and durable. When looking for an ottoman bed frame, it's critical to consider the weight it can raise and support.

If you choose a high-quality ottoman bed, you won't have to worry about the mattress' weight affecting the lifting mechanism's efficiency and efficacy. After all, nobody likes having to remove a mattress from a bed to access the storage space. The strength of the hydraulic pistons used in an ottoman bed frame affects both how sturdy and straightforward it is to lift. The hydraulic pistons' power is expressed in newtons.

Simple ottoman bed frames are probably equipped with lower gauge pistons and cannot lift thicker mattresses. In terms of the number of pistons and the force they can exert, take into account the following while selecting an ottoman bed:

  • 4x 600n for an ottoman bed frame with a side lift
  • 4x 800n on a divan ottoman bed frame with an end lift
  • 2x 900n on an ottoman double bed, 2x 1100n on a king-size bed, and 2x 1350n on a super-king-size bed.

Additionally crucial are metal struts of high quality. Plastic braces and brackets are typically not going to hold up well, sustain the weight of your mattress, and have a higher potential for failure. If this happens while the lifting mechanism is used, it might be hazardous.

What is the maximum weight can an ottoman bed take?

Typically, a regular ottoman bed supports a mattress weighing between 40 and 60 kg. Frequently, mattresses that are heavy-duty weigh more than this. Our exceptionally robust ottoman bed frames available at UK Beds Direct can safely lift a mattress weight of up to 100 kg. A custom option comes with more robust struts and higher-pressure hydraulic systems that may lift more if your mattress is heavier.

Are ottoman beds comfortable?

The main distinction between ottoman beds and other bed frames is their lifting mechanism and storage underneath. High-quality ottoman beds are made to provide the body with support and comfort. They are made of sturdy fittings on lightweight metal frames.

Ottoman bed frames are available in various sizes to accommodate your demands, body type, and size. Although the construction and design of the ottoman bed frame are considered, mattress selection is always the most crucial element in bed comfort.

How long do ottoman bed frames last?

An ottoman bed frame of high quality will last for a long time. It can easily last for ten years with proper maintenance. Of course, they need to be taken care of according to the material they are made up of. Periodically, it can be necessary to inspect the hydraulic lifting system. It may be required to replace the pistons, hinges, or brackets if there is a problem, but selecting a well-made and sturdy ottoman bed frame can reduce any issues.

Are ottoman beds noisy?

It is the most asked question; no one enjoys a noisy bed. A correctly assembled ottoman bed frame won't make any squeaks or knocks, just like any other bed frame. The lifting pistons will only make a gentle hissing sound as the gas expands and shrinks. It won't crash at the top or bang at the bottom because the hydraulic gas mechanisms guarantee smooth movement.

A quality ottoman bed frame is built to last. An ottoman bed frame is an excellent choice for homes with regular visitors because of its additional storage, especially so visitors won't have to deal with clutter. You can choose an ottoman bed at UK Beds Direct that perfectly suits your needs by choosing from our vast collections of high-quality, sturdy beds. We can customize the bed frame according to your demand; check our bespoke bed collection.

UK Beds Direct is the best store to find your dream bed frame with your desired bed frame. Ambassador bedsOttoman bedsBespoke bedsWingback beds and Chesterfield beds. You can get one according to your desire from our store. Visit our website now. Contact us at +44 7551934500.

An Ottoman Bed or a Divan. Which one do you choose?

There are a few significant variations between these bed frames.

If you want a bed frame with the most storage space, consider purchasing an ottoman bed frame. You can store anything in the entire bottom of the bed in place of drawers. Additionally, since a drawer won't constrain you, this can be helpful if you need to keep more than simply clothes.

An ottoman bed frame will make it very simple to access the storage, typically built with a piston-assisted raise and closure mechanism. Therefore, if your legs or back hurt and you have trouble bending over to reach the drawers, this may be better for you.

Another benefit of an ottoman bed frame is the wide variety of styles available, giving any bedroom an air of elegance and style. Look at our collection of ottoman bed frames if you're looking for the most excellent quality and require a great storage solution.

If you want something that gives you less storage space in a more systematic way, think about purchasing a divan bed frame. A divan bed is an excellent option if you have low ceilings or little room around the bed. A divan bed will be more suitable for your needs if you do not like the "open up" feature of an ottoman bed. It is an attractive option if you usually search for a lower frame base size.

Pros of an Ottoman Bed:

Many individuals choose ottoman beds over more conservative bed frames because they offer several advantages. Here are the significant benefits of an ottoman bed frame, as stated by individuals who have invested, in case you're interested in the idea.

Extra storage without taking up any more floor space:

Your ottoman bed frame will often occupy your bedroom's most significant amount of floor space. Instead of packing your bedroom with more furniture, an ottoman bed frame allows you to use the area currently filled.

Plenty of room for bulky, hard-to-store items:

Some objects are nearly hard to store neatly or compactly, as anyone who has attempted to pack a winter duvet into an airing cupboard will know. An ottoman bed frame provides a large, deep storage area perfect for storing items like your family's whole winter clothing, out-of-season sporting gear, and more.

An ottoman bed frame can be a fantastic place to keep hanging suit bags, which often take up valuable wardrobe space because of the ample area to lay things flat. And you can fit even more if you buy vacuum storage bags.

Accessible and easy to lift without assistance:

Some people are concerned that they won't be able to lift an ottoman bed if they get one. However, most versions have hydraulic lifts that support the weight of the mattress, enable easy lifting, and keep the lid open at its most extended position.

Because of their simple lifting mechanisms, ottoman bed frames are appropriate for seniors, persons with muscle wasting or reduced mobility, and even older kids. Another fantastic technique to reduce clutter is to have a bed that serves as a toy chest!

Safe and slow-closing:

An ottoman bed frame's hydraulic mechanism also gently lowers the mattress back down, so you won't get a smack on the head, or your fingers pinched even if you slip. Again, when there are curious children around, this is useful.

For new parents, a soft-closing ottoman bed frame may be ideal. When your child has finally drifted off to sleep, there won't be any loud bangs to wake them up. It's a fantastic place to store bulk products like diapers or formula.

Stylish and functional:

Ottoman bed frames are making a huge comeback because of people's desire to keep their homes clutter-free and the current craze for downsizing and tiny houses. Storage beds are becoming increasingly popular because of their dual utility, despite some people feeling they fell out of style for a while.

UK Beds Direct is the best store to find your dream bed frame with your desired bed frame. Ambassador bedsOttoman bedsBespoke bedsWingback beds and Chesterfield beds. You can get one according to your desire from our store. Visit our website now. Contact us at +44 7551934500.

Cons of an Ottoman Bed frame:

Even though the easily accessible design and colossal storage are two major selling points for ottoman bed frames, there are still a few things to consider before deciding to buy one. These are some potential disadvantages that you should think about, even though they can be an excellent space saver.

Tricky to move between rooms or houses:

Even in single bed frame sizes, ottoman bed frames may be rather heavy, and once erected, they are exceedingly challenging to move in one piece. Smaller metal bed frames are easily transported from one room to another, but an ottoman bed will probably need to be disassembled to fit through your door frames.

Please ensure you accurately measure the area where the ottoman bed frame is to go and know which room you want it to go in when it arrives before placing your order. It can be moved, but only with great effort.

Can be expensive:

Ottoman bed frames often cost more than regular metal frames because of the additional design elements, such as the hydraulic raising mechanism. Because they are heavier and occasionally arrive in larger pieces, they may also come with other delivery expenses. It implies that you might have to pay for a professional delivery.

Nevertheless, there are still ottoman beds in a variety of price ranges. For instance, inexpensive ottoman bed frames still offer lots of storage space. Still, they may be manufactured with less expensive fabrics and luxurious ottoman beds made with high-end materials like velvet.

Can be some risk to small children and pets:

Although contemporary ottoman bed frames have safety measures like weight-bearing and soft-closing mechanisms, they can still be dangerous for small children and animals. Pets, especially cats, love to locate little spaces to hide in, and the large storage area can be particularly appealing for young children to climb inside.

Although it's pretty questionable that they will get hurt if they get inside, ottoman bed frames aren't made to be played. Keep your young children and pets away from them, and be on your guard whenever you have the door open in case someone decides to sneak inside.

How do ottoman bed frames work?

Ottoman bed frames feature gas-lift hydraulic systems, which support the mattress' weight as you open them, hold them open at their widest point, and gently close them once the mattress has been lowered. This process enables the safe opening and closing of the ottoman bed frame and uses both hands to arrange items inside them when the bed is open.

Depending on how you want your ottoman bed frame to open, these gas lift hydraulic systems can be installed in various places and sides within the bed frame. The two most common styles of ottoman bed openings are side lift and end lift, which require you to lift the mattress from the foot of the bed.

Based on the dimensions of your room, it's essential to choose the style of the ottoman bed frame's opening. An end-lift ottoman bed is not recommended if the foot of your bed reaches or nearly touches the wall. Please ensure you have sufficient space wherever you put your ottoman bed frame so you can lift it confidently and access the storage area to retrieve items without difficulty.

UK Beds Direct is the best store to find your dream bed frame with your desired bed frame. Ambassador bedsOttoman bedsBespoke bedsWingback beds and Chesterfield beds. You can get one according to your desire from our store. Visit our website now. Contact us at +44 7551934500.


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