Sleep Like Royalty: Discovering Quality Mattresses in the UK

The linkage among sleep, mattress and quality of life

Sleep Like Royalty: Discovering Quality Mattresses in the UK

The diurnal cycle of a person is highly affected by the quality and condition of the mattress that they choose to sleep on. A cheap mattress will ruin the overall status of health and well-being while a good quality mattress will raise it leading to high productivity in personal and professional aspects of life and task performance will be improved significantly. It also lessens the risk of chronic pains caused by living a low-quality life and using a mattress that provides little to no value while sitting and sleeping. Other possible results of sleeping on a bad mattress are skin allergies, respiratory disorders, and exposure to dust mites and other allergy-causing organisms and molds.

One of the most important and significant mechanical effects of poor sleep is chronic low back pain. Extra soft mattress will be a complete failure in supporting and aligning the sophisticated spinal column. On the other hand, a hard mattress is going to cause an uneven distribution of body weight and it will hurt the pressure points of the body e.g. head, elbows, lower back, heels, etc. A non-breathable kind of mattress will make a person sweat heavily while sleeping leading to discomfort throughout the night.

Quality Mattresses in the UK

Keeping in consideration all the facts explained above, it becomes mandatory to choose a mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm, breathable and comfortable in order to avoid an unproductive lifestyle, state of sleepiness during work, mechanical problems, and body pains.

Perfect-for-sleep-mattress in the UK

So, here are some of the qualities of a perfect mattress:

  • Medium-firm
  • Allows air circulation
  • Free of allergens
  • Supportive to spine

According to many customers, all these qualities are being met in a natural latex mattress that is famous for being breathable, not too hard or too soft but firm, suitable for all positions of sleep, and hypoallergenic. All of these qualities make this mattress perfect for a restful sound sleep all night long.

Some of the highly discussed consequences of sleeping on a mattress whether good or bad are explained in the next section. It elaborates that how the sleep surface affects a person’s health and quality of life in the UK.


The REM (Random eye movement) stage of our sleep is meant to solidify the memories and things in our minds. If the sleep gets disturbed due to the poor quality of the mattress, it will cause poor or little retention of information in the brain. A small sample study was conducted on two groups. Both groups were given a task to perform. After performing the task for once, the experimenters let one of them sleep before performing the task for the second time. On the second performance, the group which slept performed better due to the well-retained information in their brains.

2. Sleep, Mattress and AWARENESS

Sleep directly affects a person’s awareness of his surroundings. When a person finds himself not being able to pay attention to his surroundings, it might be the consequence of poor quality sleep caused by the lack of comfort in the sleeping surface. A good quality sleep surface i.e., the mattress allows restful sleep throughout the night and the person feels fully aware of the things and situations going on in his surroundings. The results of studies that show the effects of poor sleep on cognitive abilities are conclusive of this fact also.

Quality Mattresses in the UK


Creativity is all about bringing novel ideas and things into your practice which requires a person to think outside the box. Studies conclude that in order to remain creative in the workplace and personal life, a person must get enough sleep in terms of time and comfort. Poor sleep is a killer of creative thinking. The research was concluded with the result that lack of sleep causes difficulty to a person in generating new ideas and solving problems with novelty.


During sleep, the whole body goes into a state of recovery and relaxation which requires the blood pressure to drop to a certain level. If a person has been diagnosed with hypertension, sleep is a natural remedy for that person. Not only does peaceful sleep cause lowering of blood pressure but it will also reduce the risk of other consequences of high blood pressure i.e., heart diseases, stroke. Having a peaceful sleep also regulates the hormones responsible for managing stress and anxiety which further plays a role in lowering blood pressure.


The human body is a collection of many machines running in synchronization. These machines are doing chemical processes called metabolism. The metabolic processes are responsible for all the energy dynamics in the body. Hence, metabolism is a vital process in a human. A high-quality night sleep causes the metabolism to work at a high pace which keeps a person’s weight within its normal limits while poor sleep slows down the metabolism and food is not processed in the body properly leading to more storage and low energy supply.

There are two hormones in the body which are controlling the eating habits of a person, Leptin and Ghrelin. Leptin generates the feeling of fullness and ghrelin causes the feeling of hunger in the body. Good sleep causes a rise in the levels of leptin and lowers the levels of ghrelin leading the person to eat more in order to have satiety. Eating more causes weight gain. This may seem like a story but poor sleep does affect each and every inch of the body.


The mental state is highly and significantly dependent on the quality of sleep that a person has. Poor quality or diminished sleep causes insomnia which is the leading cause of depression. Depression and insomnia can be the cause and effect of each other. Depression can also lead to more than enough sleep called somnolence which is not healthy either. Research suggests that there is a direct link between depression and sleep. Good quality sleep is a key factor in recovery from depression.

Quality Mattresses in the UK

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In the UK, discovering the ideal mattress is your path to regal sleep. With options ranging from memory foam to pocket-spring wonders, there's a mattress tailored to your comfort. A quality mattress doesn't just promise luxury; it promotes health by supporting proper spinal alignment and undisturbed sleep. So, choose wisely, considering your preferences, durability, warranties, and budget, and prepare to sleep like royalty in the United Kingdom.

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