Stylish Storage Solutions: Footstools with Boxes in the UK

Footstool with storage box

Stylish Storage Solutions: Footstools with Boxes in the UK

We are doing different things in our activities of daily livings, we want to entertain ourselves, we want to get relax in our lives we want to complete our daily tasks. Anything which you are doing in your life either relax or work, there is one thing which must be in your room and that thing is Footstool with storage box.

When you have finished your work and you are tired at the end of the day then one piece of furniture is very important for your relaxation which is the footstool.

There is a big role of footstool in our lives and when this one came in our mind, we think about pouf and ottoman footstool but this thing doesn’t end here as this piece of furniture is very versatile which support many activities.

Footstools with Boxes in the UK

Renee Disanto, the founder of an organization called Park & Oak – an interior design firm in Chicago, said that “they have many functions, it can be used as a small tea table or for seating or as an end table or even it can be used as a decorative piece in the room.” There are a few footstools which are having compartments inside them and it provides extra storage.

A footstool is a very small piece of furniture and just like a throw pillow, it can be an ideal way to show an eye catching shape, piece of fabric to your room. Ms. Disanto further said that you may add a different texture, pattern, and color to your footstool which makes it too overwhelming.

She further explored that footstools are having a lot of impact because of their small size.

  • What should be the height of a footstool compared to the seat height level of a chair or a sofa? Ms. Disanto said “a little bit lower than the seat height of the sofa or at the same height is ideal.
  • Is the weight of the footstool is important or not? She said that you must make sure that it must not be so heavy that you can’t take it from one space to another space and it must not be too light that you can’t sit on it.
  • Does it have a cushion or doesn’t it? “Cushion is not mandatory,” Ms. Disanto said that they have used woven stools and wood footstools.

Product Description

This ottoman footstool is a mixture of glam style and modern looks along with its functions and it is stylish addition of a beautiful piece in your den or your living room. It may have a velvet top which can be removed, for the contrast of colors and it texture a stainless steel base is used. For additional support of the cushion, it is filled with foam. This support is mostly used when you have your friends at home and at that time it is mostly used as a footstool. Because of its 12” diameter, it has small space which is enough to have the magazine on it and most important thing is that assembly is not required.

Capacity: ~ 400lb

Assembly required: No

Product Care: Clean

Shape: Round shape

About the Product

Velvet: our velvet which is 100% polyester is having a very unique sheen and a featherlike softness. This velvet is very resistant to wrinkles and it has awesome durability. This velvet is one of the best options of all velvets.

POLYSTYRENE BEADS: footstool contains very durable, light and very comfortable beads which provide relaxation to your body and you may sit on it for hours. These beads are embedded in inner liners and you need no to be worried about any mess in your room.

DIMENSIONS: you need to choose an accessory that must be perfect for your size and which must be perfect for your furniture. This footstool comes in the following dimensions i.e. 24.00” Width, X 24.00” Length X 12.00” Height. We hope that you will be happy to see that this small piece will add and charming look to your room.

Additional Information about this product:

When you will buy your footstool with storage box from UK BEDS DIRECT LTD, we try to make it very easy for you to find out the time when this product will be delivered to your house. You may have your trust in us by following us on our Social Media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you need an answer to any query related to the purchase of your product or of any product, our representative will be available to help you at each step of your query whether you want to buy just a footstool with a storage box or our entire products.  

This item is a must-have entity along with your beds and other items of your interior decors or to use it as another piece of storage. Storage box comes in which is good for the toys of your children and for your clothes and for many more things.

We are offering you a piece that is perfect for your home i.e a place to put your feet on it for a longer time or an additional seat when guests come to your home.

This peace is available in a different size please select your size while checking out at our online store.

Other Information:

It is the UK made product

It has an elegant button finish

It has a luxury design

It is available in many different colors..

Footstools with Boxes in the UK

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In the UK, footstools with hidden storage boxes effortlessly blend style with functionality. These versatile pieces enhance your decor and help you declutter your living space discreetly. With a wide range of designs and upholstery options, you can find one to match your style, creating a chic and clutter-free environment in your UK home. Embrace the art of maximizing your living space with these ingenious furniture pieces.

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