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Marble Topped Luxury Coffee Table UK

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Coffee Table: UK Cocktail Table



We have heard the word coffee table many times but what exactly it is? Lets have a look that where the idea originated. Keeping in view the need of a place to put down the hot coffee or tea cups between sips, the idea of a coffee table arises.

Now a days coffee table has been given a new name i.e. a cocktail table. A coffee or a cocktail table is used to place. Place in front of a sofa in a living room. These tables are designed low in order to support the beverages and in some cases along with beverages these are used as a support for remote controls, magazines books and may be some decorative objects.

Coffee tables are placed usually in a living room or a living room. They can be in variety of styles and the price may also differ based on the style and size.

Purpose of coffee table

A coffee table is used for various purposes varying from formal to informal occasions. They are made strong that they can hold the weight of a pair of feet to a cup of tea.

  1. The coffee tables a used in an informal setting to support food items while having a chitchat with family or enjoying a movie night.
  2. In modern home settings coffee tables are used for decorative accents by a floral arrangement or books display.
  3. There are coffee tables which come with storage options. Many of us may use these coffee tables to save the clutter of books and magazines in these coffee tables.
  4. A coffee table may be used by families while spending quality time. They can use it to play game of cards or checkers.
  5. Sometimes, although it seems unhygienic and messy but your coffee table may serve as an extra seating place.
  6. For people who love to work from home their coffee table can also be their work bench. You can place your laptop and files along with a cup of coffee easily.

What are coffee tables made of?

A coffee table can be made up of variety of materials. There a plenty of options ranging from wooden to steel. You ca get a coffee table in metal or steel or may in wooden or glass options.

Apart from these options you have an option of leather or hardened plastic. You may also come across some other finishes like acrylic and stone finishing. No matter what material you choose you have to make sure that it compliments your rooms interior.

For a traditional interior a coffee table with dark wood, metal or marble fits best.

Things to consider before choosing a coffee table:

There are many different facts you need to consider before choosing your coffee table.

·        Size of coffee table:

There are many sizes of coffee tables that are available and you can have the right one according to your room. You need to know that which size is most suitable to your room according to the space available in your room.

You can have these coffee tables in any size you want.

·        Shape of coffee table:

The next thing you need to consider is the shape of your coffee table. It totally depends upon your choice and taste but what you may need to consider is your room interior.

You have to look out the other furniture pieces as well to choose the right one. Also you need to check the space and ease of walk with a coffee table in the centre of your room. In case of small kids at home you need to choose the one that is not dangerous for them when they are playing around.

There are plenty of options available in shapes like square, rectangle, circle or may pentagon or a hexagon shape. The compact rooms having a round coffee table gives a classy and elegant look.

·        Height of your coffee table:

Exactly what height are you looking for your coffee table you need to decide it. You should know that a height of a modern coffee table shouldn’t be less than 1 or 2 inches than the height of your sofas.

So according to standard height of coffee tables the height of your coffee table should be equal to 16 or 18 inches. For sofas that are a bit higher can have a coffee table that is 20 or 21 inches high.

But you should also consider your requirements. A lift top coffee table is a perfect fit for people who love to work and eat across the sofas.

·        Storage options:

Storage is a necessary thing which you need to consider. We all wish for a clutter free room so it would be best to store all your clutter if you have a coffee table with storage.

You can either have it in ottoman or with drawers according to what suits you the best. Storage tables consist of compartments or drawers below the table top but some also consist of a simple shelf arrangement. You can now easily store your books, magazines or may be kids toys in side the coffee table.

There are many coffee tables with hinged top in which the table top can be adjusted along different heights. It can be used as a low heighted coffee table or a taller table for enjoying the meal.

·        Coffee table for sectional:

If your seating arrangement is sectional then having just a single coffee table may not work. So you can choose two coffee tables in a bit small size. Also your shape of coffee table can wither be round or may be square as well. Just what suits you the best?

Styles of coffee table:

There are different styles in coffee table some of them are traditional and some are modern both come with an elegant look. Some of these styles include:

·        Mid-century coffee table:

These coffee tables possess the designs from 1950s and 1960s. These coffee tables have a clean and simple construction. The simple finish of these wooden coffee tables gives a natural and beautiful look.

·        Parsons coffee table:

A parsons table has a square or rectangular design with square legs which are equally thick as their top. This is a simple design but it can be embellished with different materials to make it a fit for different designs schemes.

·        Contemporary coffee table:

These designs refer to the styles which are currently popular. They have a bold and bright accent. A common feature of these contemporary coffee tables is a metal base with glass tops.

·        Modern coffee table:

The present era deigns are called the modern designs for coffee tables. There are many unique styles and finishes in modern designs.

You should be choosing the coffee table that blends into your room interior accordingly. The design and aesthetics should match the traditional look and also the modern look just what you want. You can get a unique, elegant and budget friendly coffee table for your living room either online or in stores at the UK beds Direct.



A coffee or a cocktail table is used to  place to put down the hot coffee or tea cups between sip. You can get a unique, elegant and budget-friendly coffee table for your living room either online or in stores at the UK beds Direct. They can be in variety of styles. To get one contact UK Beds Direct at +44 7551 93450.