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The Sleigh Bed Frame: UK Chesterfield Bed Frames

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The Traditional Sleigh Bed Frame UK

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Magma Stud Scroll Sleigh Bed Frame UK

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Ressley Classic Sleigh Bed Frame UK

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Sleigh Beds: UK Luxury Product

Sleigh Beds: UK Luxury Product

Sleigh beds have an elegant combination of the headboard and footboard design fitted in a sturdy frame to give you a complete luxury UK product. These beds are the best fit for rooms with larger spaces. Still, these beds are available in various sizes ranging from single to super king sized to fit in small spaces.

No problem, whether your taste is modern or classic, you can get your sleigh bed according to your liking. You can choose between wooden, metallic and fabric designs for your sleigh bed in the United Kingdom.

Sleigh bed

As the name defines, sleigh beds or scroll beds have sleighing curved designs for headboard or footboard. The material used for sleigh beds is vigorous and robust, like wood or metal. The most popular style of these sleigh bed frames is their scrolled edges, giving tradition and a luxurious look for modern people.

These sleigh beds provide your room with a centre of attention and give your interior a luxurious royal look. These beds are available in various styles and sizes and can fit into any room's interior.

Sizes of sleigh beds available

For master bedrooms, sleigh beds are available in various sizes. You can choose any size, from single sleigh beds to super king-sized sleigh beds, according to the room space of your master bedroom. The queen-sized sleigh beds and king-sized and super king-sized beds perfectly fit in enormous room spaces.

  • Single sleigh bed:

A single sleigh bed frame size is 3ft, especially for rooms with a narrow space. Single sleigh bed is the petite bed frame available in single sleigh bed designs. Upholstered design of single sleigh beds adds elegance to your luxury bedrooms with the low area.
Single sleigh beds are perfect in light or dark shades of grey fabric or black faux leather.  Single Sleigh beds are the best option for managing common space effectively yet elegantly.
  • Double:

For a standard-sized bedroom, a double sleigh bed fits the best. It is 4ft6inches wide and provides enough stretching space to sleep peacefully, which is the best match for couples. The sleigh beds with wooden or velvet fabric touch fit your demand and requirement for classic and modern design lovers.

  • King Size:

For a masterpiece in your master bedroom, a king-sized bed with a 5ft width is a perfect fit. It gives your room a classy look with modern designs. You can choose among various options like wooden, leather or crushed velvet designs of sleigh beds.

  • Super king-sized:

The 6ft super king-sized bed is especially for giant room spaces to give them a magnificent royal look. It is best for those who want extra legroom to stretch and extra space to roll freely. The wooden and velvet touched upholstery adds beauty to the sleigh bed.

Types of sleigh beds:

A traditional sleigh bed frame was of pure strong wood and edges carved to make the round structure. This structure is the reason why sleigh beds are called sleigh beds, and it adds a plush look to sleigh beds.
The modern era has added a luxurious finish to sleigh beds. The addition of different fabric touch like velvet makes it look more elegant and stylish. There are different styles of sleigh beds available.
  • Wooden sleigh beds:

Wooden beds are available in rustic designs that add a traditional and classy look to your sleigh bed. The raw material used for these sleigh beds is strong pine wood, and its finishing is with light to dark colored pine stain. You can choose your bed base type according to your support requirements, either solid or sprung slats.

  • Wooden sleigh beds with mattress:

Sleigh beds are just like a wooden sleigh. Many furniture brands provide you with sleigh beds along with a mattress. The sizes and mattress types can be according to your requirements and choice.

  • Upholstered sleigh beds:

A centre piece that looks royal and elegant is an excellent choice for a luxurious bedroom. The soft synthetic fabric upholstered sleigh beds are the ones that add a magnificent look to your interior. It is available in bounded brown leather and grey velvet touch. Sleigh beds with storage drawers are a masterpiece for your bedroom.

  • Storage sleigh beds:

The bed frames of sleigh beds are primarily large and cover a lot of floor space. This floor space needs to be utilized efficiently by adding hidden storage under these sleigh beds. The area under the base of sleigh beds can have either secret drawers or an ottoman.
There are many designs available in storage sleigh beds. If your room has enormous space and you want a luxurious look with storage, you can choose drawer storage as drawers help you keep everything in reach. The sleigh beds with an ottoman are excellent for short space rooms. It will help you manage all the clutter and the space, providing enough room to relax. These storage options are available in both wooden and fabric upholstered materials.

What are material sleigh beds available?

The sleigh beds are available in a variety of materials:

  • Fabric Sleigh beds: these are one of a kind and are available with the versatility of style and elegance to add to your room.
  • Velvet Sleigh beds: these are the luxurious and royal look beds available to complement any room interior.
  • Wooden Sleigh beds: give a relaxed traditional look with an upholstered design added to your furniture.

Do sleigh beds have storage options?

Storage is significant, so how can we miss it in sleigh beds? Sleigh beds are available with various storage options like:

  • Sleigh beds with drawers: with easily accessible side drawers, these sleigh beds give you a build-in storage facility to store your belongings.
  • Ottoman sleigh beds: the storage idea under your bed, which uses all the spaceand provides maximum freedom tomanage clutter.

Sleigh beds with mattress:

For a comfortable night on these luxurious furniture items mattress is essential. Sleigh beds have various mattress types to provide quality sleep and elegant design.

Different types of sleigh beds with mattresses:

These sleigh beds' design and style perfectly fit any room interior. For an ideal choice, do consider your room decore and interior. These sleigh beds are available in different sizes to perfectly fit into any room size, either double or king-sized.

These sleigh beds have a sturdy and robust design with a slatted base. The footboard and headboard are strong with a plain or carved curved design and a winged headboard in Chesterfield design. These are available in velvet and leather; also, a faux leather finish is available.

Standard features of sleigh beds:

The style and design of these sleigh beds are a whole mood and can be convenient for any room interior. Its headboard is high with a footboard in a curved design. These sleigh beds are perfect for a classy and constantly updated look.

You can get your perfect sleigh bed with various modern designs and a finish of wood, velvet, or leather, and upholstered design.

Choosing a perfect mattress for sleigh bed:

A mattress is essential for you to have a night-long comfortable sleep. Choosing a comfortable one is necessary.

A memory foam mattress is the one that contours every part of your body and also gives you a comfortable sleep. The upper layer of this mattress is temperature sensitive that moves to support your body and make you feel relaxed—a perfect bed for a night of ideal sleep.

Pocket sprung mattresses consist of individual springs sewen into their pocket of fabric. For a choice of comfortable and supportive mattresses, these are the perfect ones.

Coil sprung mattresses have coiled springs made up of single looped wire lined up in a wireframe. These provide you with maximum comfort.

Material options for sleigh beds:

The frames of sleigh beds are wooden; however, the design may vary according to the finish you want. The finish can be wooden and of velvet or leather depending upon your choice to make it look traditional or modern. The velvet padding for sleigh beds can be crushed or plush.

What type of woods are sleighed beds made?

No specific wood is used to manufacture sleigh beds like all other beds. Still, the most commonly used woods include oak, cherry, ebony, and mahogany. Sleigh beds are either covered with any fabric or consist of wood carving as a design. Some of their ancient bed designs include ornate lines over the headboard and footboard.

Features of sleigh bed frames:

Sleigh beds have many unique features, but their storage capacity is the most loveable. Sleigh beds offer a lot more storage as compared to other bed frames. Their under-bed drawers allow them to store plenty of things and easily merge the design of these drawers with the style of the frame.

Other beds mainly offer storage under the mattress through a gas lift mechanism. You can easily store your stuff by quickly flipping the mattress.

Sleigh bed frames come pre-assembled

The assembly of sleigh beds varies. Some sleigh beds are assembled when delivered, but some require minor assembly before use. Assembling these sleigh beds is not a difficult task and can be done quickly.

They might not deliver you the tools for grouping beds and the beds, or you may need to have your own. There are proper guidelines about the product and steps required to group these products.

Sleigh beds designs:

Sleigh beds have different design collections like chesterfield, modern, contemporary, Spanish, French, traditional, luxury, and antique. The sleigh bed frames with french country style are manufactured with an oak tree, whereas for a chesterfield and modern style, a velvet crushed or plish touch is enough.

Sleigh beds are the centre of attention for any room:

  • Justifying their name, sleigh beds possess designs just like a sleigh. The curved headboard and footboard are the signature design for these sleigh beds and give a perfect balanced portfolio.
  • These sleigh beds originated from ancient Greek and Romans back 200+ years ago. The solid framework of sleigh beds, a curved headboard, and a rolled footboard give it a unique design. No matter how old its roots are, the sleigh bed is still loved by many people, and they love to make it a part of their bedroom.
  • The French-inspired neoclassical design of sleigh beds is one of the most popular and demanding designs in the 1820s. Its safety and comfort level gives a sound and peaceful sleep. The aesthetics and style of these beds were a true statement for your bedroom.
  • The classic designs available in these sleigh beds are perfect for a traditional interior. Adding a few innovations to these classic designs can be perfect for modern homes. You can choose between padded headboards, tufted detailings, and diamond-shaped patterns for your upholstered sleigh bed designs. You can get a luxuriously comfortable sleigh bed for you.

Sleigh cot beds:

You might have searched a lot about sleigh cot beds and looked for many designs. But worry not, you can search for your favourite sleigh cot bed online in any style and material you want. You can get plenty of options online from different furniture brands.

Short story of sleigh beds:

  • Sleigh beds give your room a lavish look with their unique headboard and footboard design.
  • The structure and the design of these beds give a perfect focal point for any room.
  • No matter what you want, it can easily be moulded into a modern or a traditional look.
  • The availability of wooden and upholstered designs makes it easy to fit into any room interior.

Why choose a sleigh bed?

  1. If you want to choose a furniture piece that gives your room a luxurious look, sleigh beds are good. These sleigh beds give your room an elegant focal point with a unique headboard and footboard design.
  2. Sleigh bed designs are a perfect fit for any room interior, either traditional or modern. You have a range of designs, from vintage and cottage sleigh beds to french style sleigh beds, any finish you want according to your room.
  3. If you want to live lavish or treat your guests as royals, these sleigh beds are helpful. They can easily fit into any room, either your bedroom or guest room. These beds can be your perfect partner if you want to relax on vacations. These sturdy sleigh beds with a luxury feel give you a refreshing vibe.
  4. Footboards are essential to give your bed a traditional look. It can be a support and safety for those who feel a bit insecure and keep on rolling all over the bed. It also gives your bed a more finished and a luxury look. It also keeps the bedclothes safe from falling.

Sleigh bed styling:

A sturdy, scrolled head and footboard with a classic design can fit into your traditional room. You can add a floral print to give a British look or choose any other design to keep it classy, and adding a stylish french toile bedding can make it look more elegant.

The wooden frames of sleigh beds with beautiful curves and sophisticated details can give your bed a more elegant and traditional look. The fresh and luxury furniture in your room will automatically boost your mood.

Sleigh bed with a low foot end:

The sleigh bed's standard features are its headboard and footboard. But you can choose the variations in sizes according to your requirements. You can choose a sleigh bed with a bit lower foot end if that suits you better.

Some commonly asked questions:

What are the available sizes of sleigh beds?

According to your demand and room space, sleigh beds are available in different sizes, like single, double, king-size or super king-size.

How can I find out the dimensions of the sleigh beds I am interested in buying?

For each bed, there is an accurate description given. Under that description, complete information about the dimensions of sleigh beds is shared. You can quickly get help from there.

How do I care for my sleigh beds?

A proper manual is provided along with the sleigh beds. Every major and minor detail is given, covering the tips to take care of your sleigh bed.

Sleigh beds have an elegant combination of headboard and footboard design for a luxury product- a perfect fit for rooms with larger spaces. These beds are available in various sizes ranging from single to super king sized to fit in small spaces. Call +44 7551 934500 for your luxurious UK beds.