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Zanetti Milano Bed Frame


Contemporary UK design meets traditional finishing with the Milano bed frame. The sturdy headboard features a studded, hand-tufted design, providing an excellent focal point in any bedroom. The bed frame has large feet on each corner and a base of chunky solid slats, giving the mattress ventilation and air circulation.


Additional Information:



Skilled artisans handmade all beds in the UK to ensure lasting quality and comply with all necessary flammability legislation. 

Frame Size



Headboard Height

Footboard Height

4ft6 Double





5ft Kingsize





6ft Super King Size





Milano Beds at UK Beds Direct

UK Beds Direct frames, our online store, provides comfy services because your comfort matters. It provides you Milano Zanttei Bed Frame with a mattress. Size and colors are available in different varieties and ranges. You can choose color and size according to your choice and comfort. The frame and the mattress are anti-allergic. The moulding capacity of our mattress gives you support to every contour of your body so that you can sleep comfortably.

Mattresses being stretchable and having a soft touch makes them sensitive to heat. It makes the mattress comfier as it relieves pressure on our bodies.

The mattress's rolling capacity is more interesting, making it easy to carry and handle. UK Beds Direct wishes you a100 nights of peaceful sleep on their mattresses as we care about your comfort and health.

Zanetti Milano Bed Frame has a studded headboard design, making it luxurious and elegant yet not less comfy.

For whom was the Zanetti Milano Bed frame designed?

The Zanetti Milano Bed Frame is primarily for: 

  • Those who always want an up-to-date room look.
  • Those who always want luxury to be comfortable.
  • Those who feel stressed while thinking about assembling the parts, as it is easy to assemble.

Benefits of Zanetti Milano Bed Frame:

There are a lot of benefits Zanetti Milano Bed Frame has:

  • One of its best features is its assembly and disassembly. It is an easy task that two persons can carry out in less time(less than one hour).
  • It has an elegant studded headboard design and upholstery.
  • The bed frame has large solid feet on each side, and a base made of chunky solid slats provides air circulation and ventilation to the mattress.

Sizes of Zanetti Milano Bed Frame:

UK beds direct provides you with various options in sizes f their different beds. The styles and the comfort that we provide are loveable by every age group. There are different sizes available for Zanetti Milano Bed frames, and you can choose according to your accommodation and preferences.

Zanetti Milano Bed Frame has three frame sizes

  1. 4ft6 Double:

It has a length of 216cm and a width of 146cm. The headboard height is 118cm, and the footboard height is 68cm.

  1. 5ft King size:

It has a length of 221cm and a width of 162cm. The headboard height is 118cm, and the footboard height is 68cm.

  1. 6ft Super King Size:

It has a length of 221cm and a width of 185cm. The headboard height is 118cm, and the footboard height is 68cm.

The beds at UK Beds Direct are elegant and styled, providing luxury and comfort. The beds at UK Beds Direct are handmade by skilled artisans ensuring the quality of beds and fulfilling all flammability legislations.

Is Zanetti Milano Bed Frame available with storage?

The Milano Zanetti Bed Frames have the facility of an ottoman box. You have the choice of whether you want the ottoman box or not. Also, you can choose whether you want the ottoman box in the same color or different.

Additional Information about Zanetti Milano Bed Frame:

There are many features or properties of Zanetti Milano Bed frames. Let's have a look at these. Also, UK Beds Direct makes it easy to get answers to your queries through their website. You can ask anything about the product or any other related information.


The headboard is what adds a look to your bed. We are familiar with double headboards—King-sized headboards, super king-sized headboards, etc.

The headboard is the bedside part of the bed used to rest our heads. In the past, headboards were to prevent the sleepers from breeze and cold. They used wood to make the headboard. It helped in generating space between the wall using a thick pillar. So it transferred the cold air from bed to floor.

The Zanetti Milano Bed Frame headboard adds elegance to the whole bed; the headboard has a studded hand-tufted design, providing an excellent focal point in any bedroom. The headboard has a unique floor standing. You can choose the headboard height from the website according to your choice.

Other than the headboard, there are also some other properties of the Milano Zanetti Bed Frame:

  • Chrome legs
  • Easy Assembly
  • Range of mattresses
  • Matching ottoman box

Cheap Single Zanetti Milano Beds Frames

If you have less capacity in your house, UK Beds direct is here with an intelligent solution. If you have less space in your room or a multipurpose room, you can choose the Milano Zanetti Single bed with mattress. These are excellent choices for houses with 

insufficient space.

Like sometimes, you need a small bed in your kid's room as it is also a playing area and a bedroom. And sometimes it is also a study area. So if you plan to decorate your house smartly, making it multipurpose, UK Beds Direct is the best option for short space management within the budget. You can find cheap beds on UK Beds Direct online or in-store.

UK Beds Direct also provides you with the Swatches samples, which will reach through royal mail. You can also choose the color and material of the Zanetti Milano Bed Frame according to your choice. Customising a few things can result in additional charges and the product's price.

What is the best size of a single bed? 

The size of a single bed is mostly 6ft 3inches in length and 3ft in width. A single twin bed can take up most of the room space in short spaces. The single bed option is more popular among the customers because it works in every house room like living room, guest room, teenagers, etc.

Kinds of Single Beds at UK Beds Direct:

UK Beds Direct Provides a variety of beds with a different range of colours and designs. The Single Zanetti Milano Beds frame is available in 3ft. there are also many other bed designs and colors in 3ft size. You can find cheap beds at UK Beds Direct.

You can choose the bed size from our website while ordering online. You can also visit us in stores to find the best match for your room.

Is a Single Bed with storage available at UK Beds Direct?

UK Beds serve in a variety of Ottoman beds. It is one of the great combinations of bed and storage areas. The bed base can elevate, which allows you to store many things under it. For managing a short space, it is an excellent selection.

Other storage beds at UK Beds Direct can be the Divan beds. In these beds, the storage space is with drawers from the bottom of the beds.

What is a single guest bed in UK Beds Direct?

When you want to manage the space and also a guest for a temporary purpose, the best option you have is a single guest bed. Its frame formation structure is so that when you have guest meets, you can use it as a sofa, and when you have no guests, you can use it as a soft.

Also, if you have a lot of gatherings and your house is mainly filled with guests, you can avail the option of folding or air-filling beds. These beds can hide when you need more space for any purpose.

You can find a variety of cheap beds on UK Beds Direct either online or in-store.

How to choose cheap single beds with mattresses at a low price?

Suppose your demand is a luxurious bed with a small size so you can go for choosing an Upholstered bed. It is an elegant and single-sized bed for your room. It is available in various colors, and you can choose it following the paint or wallpaper of your room.

If you have a single parent, you should choose the design of a wooden or metal bed as it gives a traditional touch. You need to measure your space and get various single mattress beds in many combinations.

Here is good news for you. If you are confused or unsure about what will best suit you, you can book an appointment with UK Beds Direct and get the best suggestions. You can find a variety of styles at UK Beds Direct.

Why should you buy beds from UK Beds Direct?

We believe that customer and customer satisfaction is always more important than the price. Keeping this point as an essential part, UK Beds Direct is serving you with a variety of beds that are luxurious yet at an affordable price. To enhance your experience, we provide online services where our customers can look for every product and design detail.

Customers can compare our color swatches and other details about beds at mattress. If you want to buy a new bed for your loved ones, call us at +44 7551 934500. You can also visit our website or visit us in stores. Also, you can request us to provide you with our swatches sample, which will reach you by royal mail.




There is a wide range of beds available without buttons. You can have various colors in plenty of designs without buttons. For more details contact UK Beds Direct at +44 7551 934500. 

These are very budgets Friendly beds. Available at UK Beds Direct Collection name budget beds.