Exploring the Finest Elegance and Durability Oak Beds in the UK


Exploring the Finest Elegance and Durability OAK BEDS in the UK

Most people prefer to have a wooden bed frame when it comes to bed shopping or furniture shopping. Reason is simple that wooden bed frames are sturdy, durable and easily to assemble. There are a plenty of option in wooden frames like oak beds, maple beds, Douglas bed etc.

You need to carefully consider these wood options because it is crucial for a quality sleep. You need to carefully choose the type of wood as it determines the quality of your bed frame and the comfort of your sleep. You can also customize these bed frames in United Kingdom.

One more thing due to which the type of wood needs to be considered is the life expectancy of bed frames.

What is the best type of wood for a bed frame?

There are a huge number of woods available for furniture at UK Beds Direct. Some of them are hard and some are soft. The commonly used hardwoods are cherry, mahogany, teak, maple, oak etc. And softwoods mostly include pine, cedar etc. Soft woods are easy to shape but are not as strong and long-lasting as the hardwood.

Oak Beds in the UK

Both hardwood and softwoods are good to make bed frames but hardwoods are more durable and wear resistant. Hardwoods generally require less maintenance as compared to softwoods inUK. The grain structure and colours they possess is much more distinctive than softwoods.

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Hardwood products are much more expensive yet durable than softwoods. So softwood is more affordable and also available for being a budget friendly bed in UK.

Hardwoods are considered as best wood to manufacture beds. Oak is one of the hardwood and it is being widely used to make oak bed. 

OAK Beds:

Oak beds are one of the wonderful choices when you are choosing bed frames in UK. Oak is a hardwood which is very grainy.

Oak beds are hard enough to be used on daily basis. Oak is also resistant to warping. Oak is found in white and red colour. You need to choose the one you want.

White Oak consists of a tiger stripe grain pattern with yellow rays and flecks. Whereas red oak has a colour range varying from light brown to pinkish red. It has a swirling, water-like grain pattern.

Pros and Cons of Wooden Bed Frames:

There are some pros and cons of having a wooden bed frames in United Kingdom.



 The biggest advantage oak beds provide is the sustainability. Oak beds can easily be decomposed as compared to other bed materials and they can be used as manure to help in growth of new trees.

2.     STYLE:

Styling Oak bed is an easier process than styling a metal. If you want to add minor details in your oak bed frame you can easily get it done.

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Oak beds can be highly durable if used properly and taken good care.


Use of metals is considered less practical as it has issues like rusting and exposure to Electromagnetic fields. According to studies metal beds often expose you to insomnia, nightmares and headaches.


Oak beds are also highly resistant to warping. Also it is resistant to any kind of insect or fungal attack

6.     DENSITY:

Oak is a highly dense hardwood and it makes it more durable.


  • Oak wood is very heavy due to which oak beds also have great weight and they are very heavy.
  • Oak also react badly with oils if surrounded by moisture or cold for long time. Oak beds can be safe and durable if you keep them inside but placing them outside intact with continuous moisture it will destroy.
  • Oak beds are highly expensive and can be out of budget in case you have moderate budget.

Oak Beds in the UK

However there are some alternatives of Oak beds.

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Oak beds have many alternatives but closet one is maple beds.

Hard maple is considered same as oak and is also a bit cheaper than the oak wood. It is a bit less durable and pleasing but yet a god substitute for oak beds. 

Oak beds are meant to give your room a luxurious and rich look. But in case of maple beds they are less noticeable.

Oak beds are denser and can be lifelong durable as compared to maple beds. Maple beds are light in weight and that’s why they are more reasonable and cheap.

Why are oak beds expensive?

There are various factors determining the price of oak beds. Oak beds and other Oak furniture have high price ranges but on the other hand oak flooring is the cheapest hardwood flooring available.

The most important reason that makes oak beds expensive is that oak wood is a hardwood and has great density. The high density makes it more durable and also expensive. Also hardwoods grow slower as compared to the hardwood which also increases their worth.

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Oak Beds in the UK

Even if oak grows slowly but still there is enough of oak to fulfil requirements of all people in the world who want to buy it.

  • Growth rate of oak is slower which makes oak beds very much expensive. As oak tree takes 40 to 55 years to reach the stage for producing acorns and after wards it is cut off for different purposes and at this stage growth rate is relatively low.
  • Oak doesn’t grow to large size so for fulfilling the amount of wood required more land is required to grow oak.
  • Oak is a dense wood and cutting oak is not an easy task. To cut oak with sharper tools and also keeping in view the risk of irreparable damage to oak wood, it takes a lot more time to cut it than normal.

Why is the demand of oak beds high?

Oak wood is considered to be the best and the most commonly used wood for making furniture. Oak tables, chairs and especially oak beds are the highly demanded wooden products in UK.

Oak bed is considered highly demand because of two reasons:

  • It gives our furniture an extraordinarily luxurious look and a centre of attention to your room.
  • It is highly dense which makes it extremely durable even for lifetime if used with care.

This is why oak bed is highly in demand and according to principles of economics higher the demand higher the price. You can get quality Oak beds in various luxurious designs and styles.

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In summary, the journey into oak beds in the UK unveils a world of refined elegance and unwavering durability. These beds stand as a testament to the timeless appeal of oak wood, seamlessly merging aesthetic allure with sturdy craftsmanship.

With their exquisite grain patterns and enduring strength, oak beds elevate the bedrooms' aesthetics and offer a reliable and lasting sleeping solution. By embracing the finest oak beds, individuals in the UK can transform their sleeping spaces into havens of sophistication and comfort, where the echoes of tradition blend seamlessly with the demands of modern living.

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