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You probably already know that choosing a bed whether an upholstered, handmade, or custom bed is one of the most important decisions you'll have to make if you're designing or renovating your bedroom. Alternatively, are you debating whether to choose a wooden or wrought iron bed? In either case, it will unquestionably liven up the space.

Your bedroom may be made more serene and calm with the right bed, mattress, and headboard, which can help you sleep better. This tutorial is ideal for you if you're thinking of getting a fabric bed but are unsure of what it is or the advantages of doing so. Here, we provide a more thorough explanation of what a cloth bed is.

Description of fabric bed.

A bed frame that has been upholstered with soft material is what is known as a fabric bed. There are many different colours available in leather, chenille, and velvet, which are common fabrics.

To further enhance their luxury and exquisite appearance, they are frequently completed with artistic elements like embroidery or button studding. The likelihood is that you'll discover traditional styles for older homes and cutting-edge ideas for a true "wow" factor, drawing influence from a variety of design eras.


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Several types of bed textiles:

You have access to a large selection of fabric bed materials. Here are a few of the well-liked options available:

·       Cotton:

Cotton is not only the least expensive and most popular fabric, but it is also cozy, supple, and long-lasting. If durability is essential to you or your bedroom has a lot of windows, keep in mind that cotton is prone to fade with time.

·       Silk:

Although silk is one of the most expensive types of fabric mattresses, it is typically saved for master bedrooms since it adds a sense of luxury and elegance.

·       Linen:

Similar to silk, linen is frequently utilized in master or adult bedrooms because of its susceptibility to stains and wrinkles. It is less expensive than silk since it is a more widely used fabric.

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·       Leather:

Leather is incredibly resistant to scratches, stains, and dirt, making it arguably the most durable fabric on our list. Additionally, it is incredibly simple to maintain and clean.

·       Wool:

If you want a warm, comfortable area with no maintenance, wool is a fantastic choice because it's a tough fabric.

·       Velvet:

If you want a rich and opulent feel, this cloth is a great choice. Velvet is more stain-resistant than silk and also much tougher.

The Advantages:

Several alternatives are available.

Fabric beds come in a broad range of design alternatives, from straightforward, opulent, and classy, to more avant-garde designs. By coordinating your bed with your current furniture and color scheme, you may create distinctive settings.

·       Comfort

Fabric beds encourage you to sit back and relax by creating a more hospitable and cozy atmosphere in addition to allowing you to put a personal touch on your bedroom.

·       Multifunctional

Fabric beds are ideal for reading a book, conversing with your sweetheart, or watching TV. They have robust headboards that are wonderful for leaning against and act as insulation for the walls.

·       Budget

All you need to do is reupholster your fabric bed if it starts to fade over time or if you're thinking about remodeling your bedroom. Purchasing a mattress, headboard, and bed as a complete is far more expensive than doing this.

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How to maintain your fabric mattresses?

Before using any cleaning solution on fabric-covered furniture, make sure you read the label. Additionally, we advise using white towels to treat fabrics since they will assist avoid color transfer. To avoid germs and dust accumulation, be sure to periodically vacuum and dust your fabric mattresses.

Find out more about how to care for and clean your mattresses and beds here.

What qualities distinguish the best fabric beds?

A roll-top headboard would be a terrific option if you want a luxurious bed. Straight-lined fabric mattresses are in high demand and fashionable in 2021. The bed's straight lines give it a unique and modern appearance, making it the ideal accent for a modern bedroom.

As an alternative, you might choose a traditional design. Button headboards are always a good choice, especially when properly padded. It is a fashion that never has and never will be out of vogue.

Why handmade, customized, and made-to-measure fabric mattresses can be the best option for you. By creating custom beds, producers may change the length, size, and height of cloth beds. With so many choices, you may express your creativity in choosing the color and design of your headboard, bed, and mattress, resulting in a bed that is specially made for your requirements.

You'll not only save a ton of money over time by not having to buy replacement beds as frequently, but you'll also have a bed that is made to meet all of your needs.

Therefore, don't be reluctant to contact Endurance Beds right away to go through your concepts and design possibilities.

Endurance Beds is happy to provide custom fabric beds with 12-year warranties that are manufactured painstakingly and with care in our workshop, which is located in West Norfolk. We have more than 13 years of expertise in this field.

We take great pride in selling to both the general public and the trade as well as to interior designers, making us not just one of the greatest luxury bed manufacturers and dealers.

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Don't be afraid to contact our knowledgeable and welcoming team now for all of your solid bed frames and fabric beds. We are pleased to provide further information if you have any queries regarding what a cloth bed is.

Fabric mattresses make us want for nighttime every night because they are warm, cozy, and soft. The foundation of every welcoming bedroom is a fabric bed and furnishings, and fabric's adaptability allows for a larger variety of colors and styles than metal beds do.

Once you've discovered your ideal partner, it will need the care to maintain its exquisite, lively appearance. For advice on cleaning anything from upholstered headboards to fabric cushions, consult our care guide. Your fabric furniture will stay in top shape for a longer period.

Headboard and Fabric Beds Maintenance:

Upholstered or cloth headboards may accumulate dirt over time and start to fade in color. It's expected that some may move over to the fabric given the length of time they are in touch with your head and hair.

Fortunately, there are actions you can do to get rid of any dirt that is already there, keeping your headboard clean for yet another restful good night's sleep.

You'll require:

You'll want the following standard home materials to do the majority of cleaning duties for your fabric headboard:

  • Cleaner for vacuums
  • Spray fabric cleaner
  • Baker's soda
  • Water
  • Detergent
  • Bucket
  • A white, dry clothes

How to care for a fabric-upholstered headboard

Your headboard shouldn't ever require substantial cleaning as long as you maintain a regular cleaning plan. However, you should still think about it. Here's what you should do:

  • Vacuum the fabric headboard, removing any accumulated dirt or dust.
  • Combine a little detergent with some lukewarm water (enough to see some bubbles form)
  • Pour the remedy into a cloth and rub it into any light spots on the headboard.
  • Get the fabric cleaner out for harder stains. Apply on the stain and allow it to sit for a few hours.
  • Always test your fabric cleaner on a hidden spot first. Try a different product if discoloration has already developed.
  • Return once the headboard has dried and vacuum away any leftover debris. Even a hairdryer might be used to hasten the drying process.

How to clean a headboard of scalp oil?

Every day, your head and all the associated natural scalp oils will come into contact with your headboard. Take the following actions to prevent a build-up that might result in long-term harm:

  • To the afflicted area, apply baking soda and let it sit for several hours.
  • Go back and squeegee the baking soda. Any surface oils will be gathered when it sinks into the surface, and the vacuum will then remove them.
  • Use a sponge to apply a detergent and water mixture to the fabric. Dry the area with a cloth.
  • Use a dry sponge that has been wet with water to finish. Before drying once again with a clean cloth, gather any remaining soap.

How to get grease out of fabric upholstery?

You may generally follow the same guidelines as above. Baking powder can be used to treat the oily material that makes up scalp oil. Here's what to do if you don't have any on hand or want to try an alternative:

  • Apply some baby powder to the afflicted region. Don't touch it for about an hour.
  • Gently wipe away the powder with a soft touch. The baby powder will remove the grease from the stain similarly to baking soda.
  • Apply a cleaning solution made of water, mild detergent, and a clean cloth to the affected region. Allow it to dry.
  • Come back with the vacuum and take out any last powders or residues.

How do you clean headboards and upholstered furniture?

You can stop any lingering dust or debris from being embedded in the fabric by spending just a few minutes of your weekly cleaning routine doing this. As you tidy up the space, proceed as follows:

  • Establish a weekly routine of vacuuming, and keep the headboard covered. Run the vacuum over the headboard so that it may gather any dust or other loose debris that is adhering to the fabric's fibers.


  • To keep the headboard smelling fresh, use a premium fabric spray with fragrance, such as Febreze.


  • Use the tried-and-true baking soda to give your fabric headboard a thorough clean around once a month. Utilize some on a moist rag to rub the clothing. Allow it to dry on the headboard for a few hours before vacuuming up any leftovers.

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Cleaning fabric couch cushions:

You may follow the recommendations above without encountering any issues because your cushions are probably manufactured from materials that match those used for your bed and headboard.

However, certain cushions may be machine washed due to their compact size. For those who aren't, check out this simple guide.

  • Disconnect the cushion's cover.
  • Use a mild, cold cycle for washing (be sure to zip the cushion up)
  • Put the cushion back in after washing; otherwise, it can shrink as it dries.
  • You may also wash the cushion in the washing machine if it becomes stained. But be careful to remove the agitator because it might wind up damaging the cushion.


Alternative upholstery textiles for cleaning:

The aforementioned guidance is suitable for the vast majority of common textiles. However, more expensive or fragile textiles need other techniques. Here are two of the most typical instances and cleaning instructions for them:

Keeping a velvet headboard clean:

If you don't want to damage or discolor the surface, velvet is a lot more delicate fabric and has to be handled with greater care. The best way to clean velvet is as follows:

  • Be sure to first soak out as much moisture as you can with a paper towel or dry cloth if the fabric has a liquid stain on it.
  • Blot the cloth as gently as you can using a mixture of detergent and water (baking soda and lemon juice are other options).
  • Avoid ever touching the velvet.
  • To dry the fabric, use a dry cloth (and a hairdryer if you want to expedite the process).

How to clean a headboard made of suede?

Similar to velvet, suede requires a more careful technique to prevent fabric damage.

  • The suede is easily soiled, so use a gentle brush and vacuum to get rid of any dust or hair before continuing.
  • In a bucket, combine detergent and water. Apply the mixture to a cloth and gently wipe the stain. Keep in mind that water can be particularly harsh on suede when using this procedure.
  • Avoid ever touching the velvet.
  • After finishing, gently dry with a cloth.

Whenever in doubt, consult the label:

There are so many different textiles available that it may occasionally be difficult to tell them apart. The label might be useful if you're not sure exactly what kind of fabric your bed or furniture is made of. It will not only assist you in identifying the fabric type, but it will also contain a letter that denotes the recommended method of cleaning. The codes and their meanings are listed below:

  • S ̶  No water at all; simply dry cleaning solvent. For fabrics with an S label, if at all feasible, employ a professional dry-cleaning service.
  • W ̶  The simplest textiles to clean are W. Use of water-based solvents or foam upholstery cleaning is advised since "W" stands for water.
  • W/S ̶  For those who have a "W/S" designation, combine the two criteria above. You can use solvents and water-based cleansers.
  • X ̶  The only solution for this label is to use a vacuum and a brush. Any water-based or solvent-based cleaners are likely to cause fabric damage.

If you are unclear whether a cleaner would harm the fabric during your cleaning efforts, it is recommended to test a small area first.

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Again for the greatest results, we always advise adhering to the manufacturer's instructions and/or using a reputable business' services. The recommendations in this manual are generic procedures and approaches that can be employed for upkeep and cleaning. Before performing any service or maintenance, we would always advise that you verify your product warranty and any guarantees.


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