Enhance Your Sleep: Choosing the Perfect Mattress in the UK

Enhance Your Sleep: Choosing the Perfect Mattress in the UK

Enhance Your Sleep: Choosing the Perfect Mattress in the UK

To find a best match mattress for your daily living, it is surely essential as it is the major comfort provider of your life. We all pass our more than a third of breaths in mattress or in bed. If you are looking for any type of mattress then you are at the right place. We have vast variety and type of gel mattress/spring mattress (some sort of traditional), memory foam/pocket spring mattress or mattresses. UK Beds Direct is providing all sorts of deluxe comfort solutions to you to enjoy a countless happiness in your life.

What are the Contented/Relaxed Mattresses?

 If you have thought of buying a new comfortable mattress and searching for a mattress shop near me then you are at the right place in United Kingdom.

Shopping for a new mattress? Get a comfortable sleep at night with UK Beds Direct’s vast variety and quality mattresses. Thousands of quality mattresses and beds are available in our stock. After confirmation of your booking get free delivery the next day and enjoy a comfortable sleep.

UK Beds Direct has a wide variety of designs such as memory foam mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses, and a latex one (we have other mattresses too). One of our bestselling mattresses brands includes sleepeezee and silent night. Sealy mattresses are also found as more demanding mattresses.

Mattress in the UK

All three brands are budget-friendly and luxurious. And one of the important things you can find and order these mattresses from mattress shop near me option, as we are delivering all over the UK. So order now and get your perfect night solution right now. You can book your order today and online!

What Customer thinks when it comes to buying a Mattress?

When it comes to comfort, mattresses come first in mind. It is not just a matter of a design that suits everyone. Several ways you can use to make your mattress guarantee a night of better sleep. You can choose any mattress from traditional/conventional spring to gel mattress, but also in terms of comfort and quality. Contact Choose UK Beds Direct mattresses online on our website. And check on to find out what is in our stock.

Basic Types/Variety of Mattress in the UK

When you are searching on google; for mattresses shops near me, then first you should know what the types of mattresses are and what best suits you?

Mattresses are basically different from what they look like. It totally depends on the material that combines to control the overall comfort and support of the mattress. However, the important kinds of mattresses are:

1. Latex Mattresses:

Latex mattresses are those mattresses that bond the latex layer with springs. Its controls and helps you to enhance body pressure points when you sleep. If someone is suffering from any breathing problems or respiratory illness then a latex mattress is the best suggestion for them. As it is antimicrobial and also hypoallergenic.

2. Pocket Spring Mattresses:

It is some sort of technology that is analogous or parallel to traditional/conventional spring. Since the material that is spring mainly packed in discrete pockets fabric. It supports every spring to move in its own way. Its overall mechanism provides support to prevent overlapping and rolling; which is mainly happening when two individuals roll together in the middle base of the bed. 

3. Memory Foam Mattresses:

    This type of mattress is ingeniously cast according to the human body frame through updated technology. This technology was formerly originated by NASA. This mattress is best for those individuals who have muscular issues like back problems. If you are suffering from these types of issues then this mattress is specially designed for you.

4. Combination Type Mattresses:

It is a form of combination mattress that combines two types of layers. It includes combines layers of gel and foam with a layer of pocket springs. It is an innovative technology that works on pressure release and body support. In addition to this, the layer of gel helps in regulating the body temperature throughout the sleeping period.

5. Bed in a Box Mattresses:

It is another form of mattress. Its name originates from its function, as it can be wrapped in a simple easy-to-carry chamber or cylinder.

6. Traditional/Conventional Spring Mattresses:

 This form of mattress comprises sequences of multiple springs (in a discrete manner) that interlinked to build a complete area of sleeping that is the mattress. All the springs united to form a web layered setup of a foam mattress. It’s a great offer in an affordable manner with additional care and comfort.

7. Advanced Mattress:

It is the last type of mattress but not the least. It has a vast diversity of mattresses that comprise breathable material rather than springs. It includes latex, ACTi-gel, and memory foam. All these will help your body to cool all night in the summer season and provide maximum comfort zone to your body.

Mattress in the UK

After reading all the details, if you are not assured regarding the best kind of mattress which will fit you then you should go on our customer purchase guidelines. These guidelines contain all the necessary materials including the type of mattresses and related mattresses according to your health issues like muscular issues, body pain, breathing problems, blood pressure control, and body temperature regulation.

Accessible Mattresses Brands/ Mattress Shops in the UK

UK Direct Beds has a variety of mattresses with a vast range of well-known brands of the UK such as:

1. Silent Night:

It shows the unique craftsmanship of UK mattresses. It provides a variety of mattresses that contain memory foam, pocket, and contrast (Combination) mattresses. The best range of Silent Night brands is filling and grade of comfort.


These Mattresses comprise a high-density layer of base foam. It has a ventilation layer of cool foam with the addition of memory foam. It allocates body weight and its pressure to distribute evenly. Furthermore, it relaxes your body pressure point.

3. Sealy

This mattress is specifically outlined by expert orthopedic doctors and surgeons to make a great comfort for those who have back and muscular issues. These mattresses are available in various grades from more soft to more firm; according to suitability.

4. Sleepeezee

This mattress brand has a contrasting variety. It comprises the technology of spring with a combination of memory foam. It produces grades in the medium to comfort zone of soft grades. With this unique concept, Sleepeezee also provides mattresses with an opening option through zipping. Here is also link mattresses that support the bed to divide into two portion mattresses with proper support.

5. Thera Pur

This brand mostly uses ACTi-Gel, which is the most exclusively component of this brand. It is the main supportive layer of this brand. The ACTi-Gel character provides support and maintains the shape of the body to regulate the body temperature throughout sleep, especially in the summer.

6. Spink & Edgar

 Last but not least, Spink & Edgar. The mattress of this brand is styled and manufactured by bed creators Harrison Spink. Spink made the optimum and finest beds in contrast to support an environment that is ecofriendly and ecological. Through innovative pocket spring (HD), it supports you to maintain the body temperature all over the sleeping period.

What Mattress Size Suits for Your Family?

Mattress size for you and for your family is really really important.UK Beds Direct facilitates you to choose the best size mattress and beds for your family. We are providing any size of mattress with quality stuff, that you are thinking of to add in your home for you, for your kids (range: 2ft. and 6 inches. up to super-king mattress size of 6ft.).

If you want to check the size that fits you most, visit our site and click the below link.

Best Time or Duration to Change Any Mattress

What do you think when you should change your mattress? It’s not too difficult to answer but it is important to change the mattress after every 7 years. This is suggested by the UK, The National Bed Federation (NBF).

Best Way to Clean Mattress

It is suggested that punctual and regular mattress cleaning is important to reduce the particles of dust, and other allergens. First, you should take out all the bedding accessories and wash them separately. The next step is to vacuum your bed and mattress properly and put them in a sunny shade if it is easy and possible for you.

Then the next step is to refresh the mattress with the help of baking soda to deodorize the mattress and marked the stain for deep cleaning. See our cleaning guidelines for more tips.

Ways to Dispose Old Mattress

If you are thinking to dispose of or throw out your mattress into the trash because it is now too old. So we will never suggest you do this simple way of disposing of such as, split the parts of mattress then throw it into the trash or burnt them. It is one of the big problems of the UK that worsening the landfilling issue while burning option makes the environment more polluted.

Mattress in the UK

Every individual has a responsibility towards the environment. As environment plays important role in our lives. UK Beds Direct is also committed to promoting the proper disposal of mattresses. So here are we are suggested some great ideas if you are thinking to disassociate your mattress from your house.

1. Sell Your Old Mattress

A great solution that will help you in getting a new mattress is selling your old mattress if it is in a good state. In the UK sites such as Preloved, eBay, Gumtree and Shpock are the best sites and best solutions to your problem. If you are doubtful regarding the condition of your mattress, rate your mattress up to 30% to 20% or 10% of the real rate to assure your sale.

2. Donate to Charity

If you have a good heart and want to do some social work but don’t have enough budget to contribute. So this time you don’t need to make extra money for this effort, donate your mattress right now!
In this way, you become the good cause in society rather than the cause of landfilling. When you want to purchase the mattress and type on google ‘mattress shops near me, so in the same type charity organization near me and donate your mattress. Most charities like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc. can collect your spare household items and other charitable things from your house and provide free collection.

3. Mattress Recycling

If you have only one solution is to throw away your mattress then you should go for mattress recycling.Gov.uk is the local website that will locate your very nearest recycling center to recycle your old mattress. Go and check your nearest available center.

What are the best Mattress that Suits you?

The mattress that will suit and best fit you is the only one that provides the right comfort and support to your body. It is a matter of your choice but at the same time, it is a matter of health to choose the right mattress. Every mattress has won uniqueness and features that never suit everyone. Only one person that knows the right choice of mattress is you because only you know the right requirement of your body shape, size, and problems. Choose the right grade of softness to the firmness, according to your sleep requirement. Most popular among the UK population are pocket sprung, memory foam, and combination mattresses.

UK Beds Direct Mattress Shop Give Free Delivery?

So here is the platform where you can get a mattress or bed with totally free delivery; UK Beds Direct is providing free delivery services to its customers. Order now online to grab this deal as we have all sizes and all varieties. So here we are that mattress shop near me or near you; UK Beds Direct.

How to Choose Good Comfort Grade of Mattress in the UK

As the size and quality of the mattress vary, its comfort grades also vary according to the needs of the customer. Variety of comfort grades has a variety of advantages, so the correct choice leads you towards better sleep. There is no proper criterion to choose or select a comfort grade mattress but it depends on your selection that fulfills all your requirement. Things to remember when you are going to purchases mattresses; your weight, height, and body shape but also the position of sleeping.

1. Soft Mattress

These comfort grades fulfill the needs of those individuals who have mostly slept on either side. This is the most logical point to remember. Side sleepers have mainly open to pressure points such as hip sides. Soft mattresses are the best for suppressing and have a great cushion effect on the body.

2. Medium Softness Mattress

These comfort grades fulfill the needs of those individuals who have mostly slept on the front. It provides maximum support to the body specifically the backbone. This mattress is also very comfortable best for back sleepers.

3. Firm Mattress

This grade of comfort is also suggested for those individuals who are back sleepers. But this has additional point; this firmness provides full support to the spine and gives an anatomical or natural alignment to the bone of the spine. The firmness of the mattress makes the curves of the spine their original position.

UK Beds Direct understand that selection of mattress through website or order online is really tough for you, so we are here to answer all your queries, call us now on +447551934500

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The quest for a perfect night's sleep begins with selecting the right mattress in the United Kingdom. We've embarked on a journey to explore the diverse world of mattresses, and the choices are as varied as the landscapes of the UK.

Each mattress type caters to specific sleep needs and preferences, from pocket springs to memory foam marvels. Understanding your unique requirements is the key to unlocking the door to restful nights.But a mattress isn't just about comfort; it's about your health too. The right bed ensures proper spinal alignment and minimizes sleep disturbances, contributing to your overall well-being.

As you navigate the realm of mattresses, remember to consider factors like durability, warranties, and your budget. Your choice will shape not only your sleep but also your quality of life in the United Kingdom. So, take your time, explore the options, and get ready to elevate your sleep to a new level of excellence.

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