Leather Beds in the UK

Leather Beds

Leather Beds:

Leather is a material that is well known for giving a sophisticated and luxurious feel to the products. For leather lovers now there is a great opportunity to keep a big and fancy leather bed in their house, which will add a glory to their interior.

Well leather beds do not consist of leather as a whole but they are upholstered with real or faux leather. The bed frame is made of other materials. The leather upholstered beds are safe from damage and have resistance to stains as compared all other fabric beds. Other fabric beds can get destroyed easily.

What is a leather bed?

Leather beds can be accented or totally upholstered with leather. For a luxurious choice in a luxury and elegant interior, leather beds are a perfect choice. They can also be long-lasting and durable. These beds are a unique and bold addition in any bed room and home style. You can get these beds in any style and shade to satisfy everyone’s requirement. You can style them according to your taste. If you want them to fit into your existing theme, you can modify them accordingly.

Leather Beds

What to look in a leather bed?

1.     Size:

The size of leather bed will surely be defining the price range of your bed frame. The smallest size available in the leather beds is the single bed frame and the prices of these single bed frames are relatively lower than those of king-sized or super king-sized bed frame. As the size of bed frames increases the prices as increase gradually.


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Apart from the price, the size of your mattress is also determined by the size of your bed frame. If you are having a mattress already, you can either choose a bedframe according to the mattress or you can change the mattress accordingly to your leather bed. Size of your leather bed should be according the room space available. Your bed should be of normal size according to room space as you need to manage other furniture pieces as well. Choose the one that is convenient for your room.

2.     Material:

Weather never affects the weather and leather is durable as well. You need to choose among faux and natural leather. If you have a bit tight budget then choosing faux leather is a wise choice. As it also gives luxurious and elegant look to your room as the natural leather yet it is budget friendly. You can get a genuine leather bed an affordable price.

3.     Colour:

The colour or shade of your leather is very important so that your furniture piece matches your room interior. It is also a vital factor just like the price and the size. The shades of natural leather are mostly black and brown, and faux leather can be found in almost all shades which seem unachievable with the natural leather.

To make your bed a statement piece and a central point of your bedroom you should go for choosing the unconventional shades of leather. If you want to have a natural leather bed then you should choose the rich brown colour.

Types of Leather Beds:

1.     Faux Leather Beds:

Faux leather is a plastic product, rather than the real leather. The beds made of faux leather bear the same bare the same durability. For people who want to avoid using animal skin or want a vegan/ vegetarian product, faux leather is perfect fit for their requirements.

Also the price of faux leather is also reasonable as compared to the price of natural leather. So for a tight budget faux leather is quite suitable. Even though faux leather is synthetic leather yet it bares the same resistance to damage as real leather.

2.     Modern Leather Beds:

The modern bed frames are now given a leather touch to make them more modern and classy. The midcentury and the platform beds are elevated and modernized by adding leather upholstery. You can create a completely customized home interior according to your leather bed.

3.     Tufted Leather Bed:

Tufting is a upholstery technique used to place anchor points following a proper pattern in order to make a raised pattern. The tufted leather beds are one of the most popular bed frames available because of the high-end and luxurious look they possess.

These leather beds have a leather-upholstered bed frame and a tufted headboard. The tufted leather headboard has a button detail or sewn tufts.

4.     Genuine Leather Beds:

The genuine leather beds consist of real leather to upholster a bed frame. A genuine leather bed is an expensive product as it uses real and organic material which is quite expensive. A genuine leather bed is highly durable and gives an elegant look, also leather protects the expensive bed frame.

5.     Woven Leather Bed:

A woven leather bed is an unconventional choice and it gives a pattern by weaving strips of finished leather. Woven leather beds have a woven headboard that gives a quirky bohemian vibe to your interior.

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6.     Leather Upholstered Platform Beds:

The modern platform beds consist of a solid platform based rather than having legs to let the mattress of the floor. The Leather upholstered platform beds are highly modern and also extremely protective as the bed frame itself touches the floor. While choosing a leather bed the damage, scratches and stain issues are not a problem.

7.     High Back Leather Bed:

The high back leather beds are the modern leather beds which give you a touch of luxurious high back beds found in estates in history. The recent era high back beds are modern having quilted or tall tufted leather headboard to make your leather bed a statement piece for your room.

8.     Quilted Leather Beds:

Quilting of leather creates raised and stuffed pockets, made by sewing the leather into square or any other shape in order to make a pattern or textured effect. This is similar to the tufted leather beds. The quilting is mostly done on headboard but for those who want to have an extremely luxurious effect they can get the bed that is entirely tufted.

Components of a Leather Bed:

1.     Leather Bed Frame:

A leather bed frame is partially or fully upholstered with leather. Some of bed frames have leather as an accent for a protective decoration while others may be fully covered with leather. Fully Upholstered leather beds give a high end feel.

Bed frames that are being upholstered by leather are quite expensive as compared to those that are non-upholstered or may be upholstered by other traditional fabrics. Though being expensive it provides durability of the product. Leather is resistant to damage which makes it an investment piece for life-long.

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·         Queen size bed frame:

A queen size bed frame is a standard frame used by most of people. It provides enough room for couples to sleep peacefully. If you are looking for a sophisticated and luxurious upgrade for your room, it can be a great choice.

·         King size bed frame:

King sized bed frames are the largest bedframes that are available widely, well you may find super king sized bed frames at some places. It provides the same mattress space as provided by two single mattresses. For couples who need their own space to sleep peacefully, it can be a great choice. King size leather beds are highly expensive but an excellent focal point for any room.

·         Modern bed frame:

The modern leather bed frames are mostly platform or midcentury inspired frames that give a modern and elegant look to a bed frame. These beds can be either fully upholstered or mainly just having an upholstered headboard.

·         White faux leather bed frame:

Faux leather is cheap and comes in different bold and unconventional colours. A white faux leather bed can be easier to clean and looks bright every time.

·         Black faux leather bed frame:

Faux leather beds are available in different shades. Black faux leather can complement more in modern bedrooms and it goes with many decor styles. It can be cleaned easily and severs as a centerpiece for luxury bedrooms.

·         Real leather bed frame:

A leather bed is truly an investment, so for those who want a long lasting furniture piece, a real leather bed frame can be a perfect choice. It has an excellent resistance to scratches and easy to clean.

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2.     Leather Headboard:

Many of leather beds consist of an upholstered leather headboard to keep the cost in budget yet retaining to elegance of leather bed. The leather headboards consist of a wooden or metal frame which is covered with leather of different shades according to one’s preference. Such beds are much cheaper than those having a fully upholstered bedframe. You can use leather headboard with basic bed frame.

If you want to keep your budget minimum then you can choose the faux leather bed frame. It is a greatest alternative for a leather bed to give your home a luxurious feel in much competitive price.

How to take care of real and faux leather:

You might be confused between the basic difference between faux and real leather. Here are some differences between faux leather and real leather.

Faux Leather

Real Leather

1.      Made from cruelty free plastic base

1.      Made up of animals skin

2.      Cheap in price

2.      Expensive than real price

3.      Dyed to achieve an appealing aesthetics

3.      Durable than faux leather

4.      They are available in various colours

4.      Available in limited colours

5.      More resistant to cracking

5.      Luxurious and high end

What to do to take care of faux and real leather?


  • Use rung out clothes to clean the leather beds.
  • Use vacuum weekly for cleaning the leather beds.
  • Read the care instructions carefully.


  • Do not soak leather, as it shrinks
  • Avoid using harmful products for cleaning
  • Do not ignore the care instructions.

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Pros and Cons of using Leather:


  • Good quality leather is highly durable and long-lasting.
  • It can be easily maintained and cleaned.
  • It doesn’t absorb smell and odor.
  • Leather ages very well.


  • Leather is resistant to scratches.
  • It is available in limited shades and inconsistent colours.
  • Leather is very expensive.
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