Upholstered beds, one of the most popular types of bed frames, undoubtedly offer a cozy design and blend beautifully with any bedroom décor. Browse the many selections of fabric bed frames we have available below from reputable brands and manufacturers.

What sizes do we have in stock for upholstered bed frames?

Fabric beds are available at Mattressman in every typical UK size. Small single (75 x 190 cm), single (90 x 190 cm), small double (120 x 190 cm), double (135 x 190 cm), king size (150 x 200 cm), and super king size mattresses may all fit inside of them (180 x 200cm). Due to different design elements like a built-in headboard, foot end, and other extra features, each of the upholstered beds will have a different size.

What kind of upholstered beds are offered?

·       Beds made of common fabric:

You can rely on our assortment of standard bed frames to have the option that's best for you since it features a broad variety of designs in a variety of various fabric options. The upholstery of the bed frames, which ranges from regal buttoned headboards to contemporary stitching designs, is what gives the bed frame its overall wow effect.

·       Upholstered ottoman bed frames:

The ottoman fabric bed collection at Mattressman surely meets the need for upholstered beds that provide useful and convenient storage. With the side and end lift options available on our ottoman fabric bed frames, a gas piston hydraulic system can hold the mattress up to show plenty of under-bed storage. You can rely on our reliable suppliers to match their upholstered mattresses with lavish and opulent headboards as well, offering a variety of fabric upholstery options including linens, polyester, velvet, crushed velvet, and more.


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·       TV crates:

A TV bed frame can be the answer if you want a TV in your bedroom but don't have enough room or wall space for one. Modern and technologically sophisticated, the upholstered grey fabric beds in our selection of TV beds can conceal and expose a TV from the foot end of the bed.

·       Divan choices:

With Mattressman, we offer a custom divan builder where you can select the headboard, storage options, and upholstery materials to create the fabric bed that best matches the look and feel of your bedroom. Depending on the size you select, a broad range of storage choices are available, including all conventional UK sizes from tiny single to super king. We provide a variety of storage options for our divan beds, including end ottoman storage, side ottoman storage, two big drawers with two tiny drawers, two large drawers with four small drawers, and no storage at all.

Along with the abundant storage options, we also provide a fantastic assortment of over 45 material and color options. You may design a new bed that will exactly match your taste by using soft textiles like velvet to sophisticated and opulent alternatives like wool and linens. Last but not least, there are a variety of headboards available, many of them are either elegant or feature modern designs.

Which companies make mattresses made of fabric?

Upholstered beds are quite trendy and may make your bedroom seem cozy. This is why so many of our well-known companies among them LPD Furniture, Birlea, Limelight, Julian Bowen, Westpoint Mills, GFW, Heartlands Furniture, Dorel, Furniture Express, and the British Bed Company produce different types of upholstered bed frames.

Browse our online bed store UK Beds Direct and select one of the best beds manufactured by our team. We UK Beds Direct is providing different bed frames i.e Panel Beds Frames, Ottoman bedsWingback bedsChesterfield beds Bespoke Beds, and Ambassador Beds we are also providing other products i.e Wooden WardrobesSofasMattresses etc.

Fabricated/ Upholstered Beds:

What are beds with upholstery? Upholstered beds are stylish and opulent, and they are rapidly gaining in popularity. They have frames covered in soft fabrics to produce a cozy feeling in a variety of coverings. With upholstered beds, each room may have a fully customized look. Why not choose a bed that may complement the style you want to establish for your bedroom, whether you're remodeling, moving to a new place, or you've noticed your old bed is creaking from wear and use.

·       Best-selling Upholstered Beds:

  • Upholstered beds are available now (2-3 Days Delivery)
  • Single beds with upholstery
  • Compact double beds with upholstery
  • Double beds with upholstery
  • Upholstered beds in king size
  • Upholstered super king beds

Upholstered vs. Wooden Beds

The age-old dilemma of picking a bed is whether to have one that is made of wood or upholstered. What is superior? Should you choose something comfortable or sleek, dreamlike or industrial, opulent or practical? And maybe more significantly, does it always have to be either/or?

Everyone can discover "the one" when it comes to beds because there are so many alternatives to pick from and many more methods to customize them. The key to choosing the perfect furniture, like with virtually all significant decisions, is to understand what is most important to you. Here is a list of the most popular bed designs, along with descriptions of each type of bed.


There are several clear reasons why this type of bed is the most popular one.


A bed that has been upholstered adds a delightful softness to the bedroom because it is cushioned and covered with fabric. They are warm and inviting, beckoning you to unwind. An upholstered bed is certainly your cup of tea if your aesthetic leans more toward homey than elegant.

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If you're anything like us, your secret to happiness lies in reading and watching TV in bed. An upholstered bed provides a soft-yet-firm backrest against which you may cuddle while sitting up comfortably.


An upholstered bed may have hundreds of variations and appearances because there are so many various designs and materials to pick from. To start, pick the form that best matches your preferences and sense of style.

You might select a towering headboard, such as the one seen below if you want something imposing and theatrical.


Consider a typical floral-patterned upholstered headboard or one with brass or nickel nailheads if you're yearning for something with a classic twist.

The contemporary platform bed is one of our favorite designs. An upholstered bed feels considerably more sleek and light when it has thin metal or wood legs. These beds often have a lower profile and, depending on the fabric and leg type you select, look fantastic in both mid-century modern and contemporary settings.

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It gets interesting now that we're talking about textiles. You can choose a deep velvet for a tall wingback, and that would be stunningly elegant. However, no law forbids you from taking a regal form and turning it wild with a leopard pattern or jovial with a clean blue and white cabana stripe! On a velvety tufted headboard, leather is traditionally masculine, but the same tufting may look gorgeously bohemian when done in delicate flax-colored linen. Twitter

One more thing about upholstered beds.

The only restriction with upholstered beds is that you have to be prepared to treat them gently. You occasionally need to use a lint roller or vacuum to keep the fabric clean since it gathers dust. If drinking your morning coffee in bed—or a glass of wine at night you'll want to be careful to prevent spillage. You should put cushions strategically when you prop yourself up since the oils in your hair can eventually destroy cloth. Last but not least, bear in mind that shedding dogs seem to love scratching up along upholstered bed frames.

Wooden beds are the Workhorse.

Magnificent. Warming. Shiny. Rustic. Colored. Wooden beds may be described in a wide variety of ways, but overall, we can say one thing about them all: they have lasted the test of time.

Since the time of the Pharaohs and the Roman Emperors, there have been wooden beds (see below for an ancient Egyptian model). Simple wood platforms filled with folded blankets served as a comfortable retreat for royalty and the affluent for centuries before simpler copies finally started to appear in middle-class dwellings. To block drafts, headboards were introduced in the sixteenth century. Today, the variety of hardwood bed alternatives has multiplied enormously.

Similar to its upholstered relatives, hardwood beds offer a few key advantages:

Wooden beds are beautiful by nature:

Wooden beds have a character and a warmth that is firmly rooted since they are composed of an essential natural resource. Even the most intricately painted or carved version gives a bedroom gravitas.

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Wooden beds are more useful:

Modernist architecture was born in response to the need for France and other nations to address the poor living conditions brought on by World War I. Furniture consisting of wood, steel, and metal was developed by innovators like Le Corbusier because these materials were not only less fussy but also more sanitary, useful, and affordable to make. As a result, beds made of wood and metal became fashionable, and enthusiasts of contemporary furniture still favor this design.

Undoubtedly, wood beds are simpler to keep clean and maintain than upholstered ones. Your bed will stay spotless with just a few fast swipes of dusting cloth now and again. Spills and pet hair are not a major concern.

There are several different types of wooden beds:

Wood beds come in just as many styles as upholstered beds, if not more. These styles range from soaring sleigh beds to contemporary platforms, straightforward panel beds to beautiful four-poster classics.

There is a wood that will complement every décor thanks to the diversity and treatments that are available. For a seaside feel, driftwood, for example, works well in a beach home, although walnut is the preferred wood for most mid-century modern interiors.

·       Wooden beds address the problem of commitment.

A wood bed is far more adaptable than an upholstered one if you prefer to change things up frequently. Consider how these two wood canopy beds, which have a comparable framework but differing bedding and décor, were transformed.

For decor chameleons, painted wood beds are even more of a plus because they can quickly change their appearance with a fresh coat of paint. A quick sanding and a coat of red high-gloss paint, for instance, may change a white distressed-painted bed that was a favorite in a shabby chic era into something glamorously sensual.

Wood beds are harsher and less forgiving than upholstered ones, which is the obvious "downside." This is certainly something to think about if you enjoy reading or watching television in bed.

Be sure to consider the size of your room when choosing a hardwood bed because some of them might overwhelm a tiny bedroom because of their greater dimensions and increased visual space requirements. Platform beds that are elevated up on legs work better in smaller spaces than ones that are low to the ground. Additionally, instead of choosing dark alternatives like cherry or ebony, think about lighter woods like pine or driftwood.

Choose the greatest bed manufactured by our team by browsing our online bed store, UK Beds Direct. We at UK Beds Direct provide a variety of bed frames, including Panel Beds, Ottoman beds, Bespoke Beds Wingback beds, and Chesterfield beds. Custom and Ambassador Beds, In addition, we provide additional goods including Mattresses, Sofas, and Wooden Wardrobes.

The Hybrid Upholstered and Wood Bed is the Solution:

Furniture designers have recently developed a solution to the conundrum of desiring the ease and coziness of wood with the comfort of fabric. Here it is a hybrid bed with an upholstered headboard and a wood frame. If you can't decide between the two, go with these.

Have fun with your decision and personalize it, whether you choose plush, solid, or any mix thereof. Remember that there are no absolute rules when it comes to decorating. The most important thing is whether it makes you happy and feels correct.

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