Top Seven Types of Storage Beds in the United Kingdom

7 Top Types of Storage Beds

Top Seven Types of Storage Beds in the United Kingdom

If you are not satisfied with ottoman storage beds, you have other options. You can choose any additional storage bed that might be cheaper than the ottoman storage bed. Other storage beds are the same as the ottoman beds. Still, drawers replace the gas lifting mechanism under the bed. You can easily store plenty of stuff in other storage beds also.

Storage beds:

To wisely manage the shortage of space, storage beds are a great choice. They provide you with hidden compartments to efficiently manage the clutter and give your room a clean look. There is no problem with the variety of beds. They are available in the gas lift, ottoman, drawers, and kid’s bed with storage.

What are the Types of Storage Beds

There are diverse styles and designs of ottoman storage beds available, but the question is, what suits you? Irrespective of design, colour, and all other features, you are first supposed to find your best match according to the room and requirements. Consider if you want a bed that can be easily lifted or a bed with drawers to pull?

Also, whether you want the bed for yourself or your kid? What is the justified room space available to fit an ottoman bed with storage? You can choose depending on your requirements.

1. Ottoman Storage Bed

The simplest and easy-to-use bed with storage is an ottoman bed. Its gas lifting mechanism makes it easier to lift the bed base no matter how much weight it possesses. It is a perfect solution for rooms that do not have enough space to open drawers. You can manage all the clutter and excessive accessories in these ottoman beds with storage

Storage Beds in the United Kingdom

2. Divan Beds

The best part about these storage beds is that there is no compromise on either storage or style. The base of these divan beds consists of drawers that allow you to store your extra stuff, clothes, and other materials easily without making clutter.

These beds consist of either two or four drawers on one or both sides of the beds. If you want one of the divan beds, make sure you check the room space for pulling these drawers quickly and easily.

3. TV Storage Beds

The TV storage beds have a double purpose; they store and manage space. There is a TV fitted into the footboard of these storage beds. You can quickly bring out the TV with one push of a button. If the TV is not in use, you can hide it from the eyes of anyone. These beds have a gas lift up mechanism

4. Storage Beds for kids

Keeping your kid’s room tidy and organised is a big task, and it requires a lot of effort. Adding a storage bed in your kid’s room may lessen the mess. You can easily store all the toys and other stuff. These kids’ storage bed designs are to manage the space and provide extra room for their enjoyment.

You have options for these beds; you can choose either ottoman beds or beds with drawers that your kid can easily handle. There are many options in colours like beige, grey-white, etc., and fabrics like faux, wooden, leather, metal, etc., for kid’s storage beds.

5. Cabin beds

These beds are in demand for kids. The mattress of cabin beds is a bit higher than the other beds. It gives you storage options to easily store your kid’s toys. Now your kid can easily sleep and play safely in their room.

6. Mid sleepers

Mid sleeper’s designsare specially for kids, and they have some extra features in them. These beds are a bit higher than the cabin beds. There are drawers and cupboards in this bed, which makes storage easy anda desk so that your kid can quickly eat or study.

7. High Sleepers

These are tall beds with more height than the standard height. These are an excellent choice for teenagers and professionals andan excellent option for managing all their stuff. They are also called loft beds.

Storage Beds in the United Kingdom

These beds use the floor space efficiently to mage and store all of your belongingsand provide enough room for a cupboard and even a desk. You don’t need to worry about the variety of designs available. There are diverse designs and colours available for your beds to fit into any room space.

At UK Beds Direct, premium fabric is used for crafting bed frames and mattresses of excellent quality. They offer a wide array of bed categories, giving you the freedom to select the one that suits your preferences.

Each design is unique and distinct, featuring options such as the Ambassador Bed, Bespoke Beds, Chesterfield Beds, Ottoman Beds, Panel Beds, and Wingback Beds, Luxury Beds, Wall Panel Beds. UK Beds Direct also presents a diverse range of collections, including Sofas, Mattresses, and Wooden Wardrobes. To find out more, please visit our store.

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How much extra space do you get with a Storage Bed?

The storage space depends upon the size and style of your bed. The area under your bed equals the storage space you get. It depends on whether you choose a lifting mechanism or drawers; whatever suits you. This extra space under your bed allows you to save room for cupboards. You can store your things under your bed easily.

If you compare ottoman and drawer beds, you can see that ottoman beds provide more space than drawer beds. The drawer mechanism takes extra space and leaves only a few storage spaces. Still, the ottoman beds offer you 20cm storage space where you can easily store your beddings, shoes, or whatever you want.

But one benefit that drawer beds provide you is the ease of access. You don’t need to lift the bed base again and again, and everything you need is within your reach. If you have small bedrooms,a lifting mechanism is a good choice

Storage bed sizes:

Every interior needs furniture that complements its style and frees up maximum space. There is no issue withthe availability of sizes for storage beds. You can get beds in every size to complement your room. Choose from small single to super king-sized storage beds according to your requirements. Keep in mind to leave some leverage so that the bed base or drawers can be easily lifted or opened.

Small Single Beds with Storage

The small single storage beds are available at 75cm in width and 190cm in length. These beds can easily fit into small room spaces, and also their storage mechanism efficiently manages the room storage. These beds have drawers only on a single side, and these are ideal for being placed against the wall.

Single Beds with Storage

The single bed storage is available in dimensions 90cm by 200cm. These beds can easily fit into any small room. These beds with storage can have the lift-up mechanism or drawers per your demand/ requirement. The drawer for these beds can be only on a single side.

You can adjust these beds and the wall to free up some extra space in the room. Your storage will be under your bed, so you can find additional room to walk and let your kids play easily. Single beds are ideal beds for kids’ bedrooms

Small Double Bed with Storage

A small double bed or queen-sized bed usually possesses a width of 120cm and a length of 190cm. You can adjust any storage mechanism, either lifts-up or ottoman, as you wish. You can place these storage beds in rooms with less space. If we consider peaceful sleep, these are good for one person only

Double Beds with Storage

Double beds are 15cm wider than the small double beds with storage. So it is evident that these provide a bit extra storage than the small double beds with storage. These beds are ideal for standard bedrooms, and the space is enough for two people to sleep peacefully.

Considering the room space, you should decide which bed and storage style is more effective for your room. You can choose a double bed with ottoman storage or lift-up storage. You can arrange your bed against the bed if you want or as you wish according to the requirement and style of bed

King-sized Beds with Storage

The king-sized storage beds‘ length and width are 200cm and 150cm, respectively. The storage options available in these beds can vary according to your choice. You can have 2 or 4 drawers for storage or different sizes. You can also get ottoman storage in king-sized beds, which gives you ample space to store things

Super king beds with storage

Super-king storage beds are the most extensive size beds available, with 200cm length and 180cm width measurements. These beds provide extra leg room for you to relax and sleep peacefully. These beds offer you plenty of storage space, so storage is never an issue in these beds.

Storage Beds in the United Kingdom

You can choose your favourite storage style according to your requirements. It can either be a lift-up mechanism or drawers, whatever suits you. You need to see your space requirements and expectations from your storage beds.

At UK Beds Direct, premium fabric is used for crafting bed frames and mattresses of excellent quality. They offer a wide array of bed categories, giving you the freedom to select the one that suits your preferences.

Each design is unique and distinct, featuring options such as the Ambassador Bed, Bespoke Beds, Chesterfield Beds, Ottoman Beds, Panel Beds, and Wingback Beds, Luxury Beds, Wall Panel Beds. UK Beds Direct also presents a diverse range of collections, including Sofas, Mattresses, and Wooden Wardrobes. To find out more, please visit our store.


In conclusion, when finding the perfect storage bed in the United Kingdom, "UK Beds Direct" is a recommended destination with various options to cater to your needs. Whether you're looking for drawer storage, ottoman functionality, bookcase features, or more, they offer a diverse selection to help you maximize space and enhance your bedroom's functionality. Explore their offerings to find the storage bed that suits your style and requirements.

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