Freya Foot Stool or Pouffe: Elegant UK Furniture

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Freya Foot Stool: Elegant UK Furniture

Offering the perfect place to put your feet up after a long day or a spare seat when you’ve got guests, the Freya Foot Stool is a practical yet elegant addition that suits any home. With deep button detailing, this piece has a unique appearance, making it the perfect focal point in any living room, bedroom or almost anywhere in the home.



This pouffe is available in various sizes; please select at the checkout.


Additional Information:

    • Luxury button finish
    • Elegant design
    • Handmade in the UK
    • Available in many  colours
    • The footstool in the image is a Black plush


After a hectic day, these Ferya Foot stools are a perfect place to place your feet and relax for some time. These footstools are now a vital furniture piece at every house. Freya Foot Stool are multi-purpose stools that can be used as foot stool, coffee table and sometimes as a sitting space. Call us at +44 7551 934500.


Pouffes & Footstools is one of the most essential and multi purpose furniture piece. Your footstool helps you elevate your feet in a proper resting position. You can get a foot stool with different detailing according to your requirements. Contact UK Beds Direct at +44 7551 934500 for these lovely and elegant footstools.