Benefits, Types and Characteristics of Atlantis Mattress in the UK

Benefits, Characteristics of Atlantis mattress in UK

The Benefits, Types and Characteristics of Atlantis Mattress in the UK

Are You Searching for Relaxing Sleep in the UK? The Atlantis Mattress has earned itself an excellent reputation among bedding solutions, providing unparalleled comfort and support, from its diverse types explicitly tailored for different preferences to its distinctive qualities that set it apart from its competition. In this exploration, we will delve into all its many advantages, types, and distinguishing features, which make this a standout option for improving one's quality of restful slumber here in Britain.

The various types of Atlantis mattress in UK

Atlantis (Pocket Spring Mattress)

‘Atlantis mattress’ is suggested to the people who want to feel the comfort of a hotel while sleeping. These mattresses are actually used in hotels such as in Ibis and Okura based in Thailand. These are made of pocket spring and HD foam.

Some of the attributes of these mattresses are mentioned below:

  • This mattress is hypoallergenic which means it is perfect for everyone
  • It has standard thickness i.e. 15-25 cm
  • This mattress is an open coil type
  • It is medium in firmness
  • This mattress is breathable

Atlantis Mattress

Double (4'6) Fernhurst Atlantis Natural Open Coil Mattress

This mattress is designed to provide great levels of comfort as it is handcrafted around a traditional supportive Bonnell spring unit. It consists of many hypoallergenic fillings layers making it perfect for a peaceful sleep. The cover is made up of such a knit fabric that has a soft textured stretch.

This feature makes it possible for Natural air to flow across the mattress and its temperature is maintained comfortably in this way. This type of mattress has a tufted finish it does not require much care to maintain it and it is delivered as rolled.

Some of the attributes of this mattress are mentioned below:

  • It is medium in firmness.
  • Its core construction is an open coil
  • It has a weight capacity Of 130 lbs
  • Hundred percent polyester is used as a filling material
  • Hundred percent polyester is used in cover material
  • Its density is 10 kg per m3
  • This mattress is breathable
  • It is fire resistant due to its cover. If the cover is removed, it will not be fire resistant anymore.

Related Products

Dynasty Mattress 15.5-Inch Grand Atlantis Breeze

This mattress is an improved version of no 15-inch luxury Grand. It is the latest memory form from the dynasty mattress which has a thick cool gel.  it has a high-density form and brilliant workmanship.

It has three layers of gel form which are 5.5 inches in thickness which makes it perfect for a cool light sleep during summer and it prevents sweating during hot temperatures. Its other unique feature is its trial of 120 days with is worth talking about. This feature allows the customers to buy this mattress with no worries left behind.

 Some of the attributes of this mattress are mentioned below: 

  • Its firmness is in between softest to firmest
  • This mattress is perfect for all  types of sleep positions
  • Less toss and turn has been experienced with this mattress

Atlantis Mattress

Benefits of Atlantis mattress

1. Perfect for lumbar Support

These mattresses provide perfect lumber support as these are created the firm to not allow the body weight to sink and to keep the spine in its normal curve in contrast to a normal mattress in which 8 hours of sleeping in a bent position could cause damage to your back. 

2. Promote a peaceful and uninterrupted Sleep

In normal mattresses, the movement of your body causes a depression in the mattress which makes the body respond to it by finding a different spot to sleep on. In this way, the whole night is spent finding the perfect sleep spot which causes disturbance in sleep.  this poor quality metric is the cause of discomfort in your back and muscles. 

Compared to this mattress has enough firmness which makes it possible to get you a restful sleep throughout the night without having the need to find the best sleeping spot.

3. Alleviates and prevents body Aches and joint pains

The regular mattresses don’t provide enough support during sleep which causes pain in muscles and joints. Compared to this, these mattresses provide support to your body and are perfect to alleviate all kinds of pain and discomfort.

4. Prescribed for Medicated Conditions

These mattresses are prescribed by orthopedic doctors for patients who present with back pain or joint pain. These have an advanced sleep support system as it is designed keeping in consideration all the ergonomic factors to provide the best support to our body weight and spine.

5. Eradicates Roll-Together Effect

When you share your bed with someone, if you are using a regular mattress, your body weight creates depression and the person sleeping beside you rolls automatically into that Depression. It causes restless sleep, especially during summers. In contrast to this, Atlantis mattress alleviates this concern.

Atlantis Mattress


In summary, the Atlantis mattress range in the UK offers a blend of comfort, support, and durability. Whether you prefer memory foam, hybrid, or latex, there's likely an Atlantis mattress that suits your sleep needs. Look for specific characteristics like cooling features, zoned support, and edge support to find the one that matches your preferences.

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